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Confidence. Respect. Vitality. Joy. Prosperity. Love. These are all within your reach. Let us work together to blast through the obstacles between you and the life you want. I am Aura Laforest, a Folk-Herbalist, Reiki practitioner and Root Doctor who is devoted to improving the quality of life of my clients. I will help you work in spheres both magical and mundane to manifest more of what it is you desire.

With a rootwork consultation I can help you assess what ís going on in the situation you are currently experiencing. I can help develop a concrete plan of action to best address your condition in both the spiritual and physical realms.

Altar to Mother Mary for healing family and fertility work
Altar to Mother Mary for healing family and fertility work
Preparing a home protection packet
Preparing a home protection packet
Lodestone work for  prosperity
Lodestone work for prosperity
Honey jar work for love
Honey jar work for love
Handmade herbal oil
Handmade herbal oil

I also offer magical coaching to guide and nurture the development of your own talents, allowing them to flower. Alternatively, consider a session of spiritual mentoring which gives you a space to talk about your path and process and helps you find the practices and resources most aligned with your personal paradigm and growth.I am the author of the book Hoodoo Spiritual Baths: Cleansing Conjure with Washes and Waters and I am a regular guest on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour on the LMC Radio Network, where I give free readings to call-in clients.

To provide information and strategies for your own personal well-being or to further your knowledge of plants, herbal transformation and folk-medicine, herbal consultations are available on an individual basis. Group workshops and classes on herbs and their use for magic, beauty and home healing can be scheduled as well.

I excel at road-opening and block-busting, particularly where magical work and intention meet the need for long-term lifestyle changes. I am also proficient and well-practiced when it comes to helping with school success, blessings, cleansing, healing, fertility and prosperity.

While I do take love cases, I suggest beginning work at the start of a relationship since doing preventative maintenance is usually more productive and often bears longer-lasting results than fixing a bond that ís already broken. As a result, I will usually not take reconciliation cases unless Spirit-led to do so. Lady-hearted by nature, I do not undertake break-up nor cursing work and am quite picky when it comes to anything of a coercive nature.

You can read more about me at my Aura Laforest website.

Contact Information

Aura Laforest
Québec, Canada

Wednesday - Saturday, 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM.

Please note that I am located in the Eastern Time Zone in Québec, Canada. I appreciate you taking any time differences into consideration when you contact me.

How to Pay for and Schedule an Appointment with Me

You may book my services online, using Paypal as a payment method:

Book a psychic reading, spiritual counselling, conjure consultation, or hoodoo rootwork services with Aura Laforest


Readings and Spiritual Consultations:

  • Yes-No Question with tarot and pendulum: $10.00
  • 15 minute pre-scheduled reading or magical coaching: $25.00
  • 30 minute pre-scheduled reading, herbal consultation or magical coaching: $45.00
  • 60 minute pre-scheduled reading, herbal consultation or magical coaching: $90.00
  • Rootwork consultation for spell-work: $50.00
  • Reiki treatment: $60.00

Rootwork and Conjure:

Rootwork and Conjure services will require you to provide personal concerns:

  • Light Setting: $30.00 and up
  • Mojo bags: $55.00 and up
  • Jack balls: $70.00 and up
  • Honey jars and bottle spells (excludes weekly candle burning): $100.00 and up
  • Doll babies: $150.00 and up

Charges for rootwork vary by type of job performed, and depending upon the details of the case. Prices will be quoted by written estimate along with terms of service after a divination/consultation has been performed. Rates vary considerably ranging between $15.00 and $500.00.

Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice

Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwork, and Spell-Casting

Client Condition and Situation Specialties



I initially came to Aura for a mojo to help with finances. Then, over the past couple of years I consulted her for root work. The first time involved a defective house roof for which I wanted financial compensation. After doing what she told me to (yes, I dug up dirt and lit candles) I got $2500.00 for a new roof. The second time was for a house evaluation we wanted rectified. We won our case where other neighbors did not. Years later now, I still feed my mojo every week on Thursday. Often, the next day money shows up in some way (actual dollars, a gift, or a sale). It works! -- PLS

I had some skin problems and went to Aura for herbal advice. In the first consultation she took a medical history and gave me homework: keeping a food diary of everything I ate. Then she made dietary suggestions and gave me lotions for the skin and it is much better. Thank you! -- DJS

Several years ago, in what was something amazing to me, suddenly I couldn't get it up, it was no laughing matter. I tried positive thinking, meditation and other possibilities- without success. Then, I discovered Aura from word of mouth. I have found people don't talk up others unless they have reason. So I got in touch. Aura gave me things to do, my male nature returned and life is sweet again. Thanks, Aura! -- PT

I would highly recommend this worker from my own personal experience with her help for a sick friend whose life was changed because of Aura's healing gifts. I've met a lot of healers and you're the real thing. -- SB

I would highly recommend Aura's services. She provided me with a clear and in depth reading which was very insightful to my situation. She is a very warm person and easy to deal with. When I had asked her to set lights for me I was extremely pleased by her passion and commitment to the work. I also found her to be very knowledgeable and will be using her services again. -- SS

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