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Lord Lanto is Chohan of the Second Yellow Ray, which governs and confers wisdom and illumination.

Lord Lanto incarnated in ancient China as the Yellow Emperor (2700 BC). The Yellow Emperor is credited with many inventions that improved the livelihood of the hunters of his tribe. He taught them how to build shelters, tame wild animals, and grow the Five Grains. Along the way, he designed carts, boats, clothing, and the earliest forms of writing and music. Other inventions credited to the emperor include the Chinese diadem, throne rooms, the bow sling, early Chinese cosmology and math, the Chinese calendar, and an early Chinese version of football. It was said that the Emperor lived over a hundred years. Legend has it that the Emperor met a phoenix and a griffin-like creature called a quiln, and died.

Lanto later incarnated as the Duke of Zhou (1050 BC) when he was the teacher of Confucius. The Duke of Zhou is credited with compiling the I Ching and the Book of Poetry, establishing the Rites of Zhou, and creating the yayue of Chinese classical music.

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