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This is the AIRR Pro Bono Services Application on Behalf of Client Form for the AIRR Pro Bono Fund.

This Application may only be filled out and submitted by an AIRR Reader or Rootworker on behalf of a client.

It may not be filled out by a client on behalf of himself or herself or another client.


Application on Behalf of Client for Pro Bono Reading or Rootwork Services

This Application is to be filled out by the client's Reader or Rootworker. It should be copied into email and sent to the Chairwoman of the AIRR Pro Bono Fund, Michaele Maurer, at

General Client Information

Date: ______________________

Sponsoring AIRR Reader or Rootworker _____________________

Client Name: ______________________

Client Address: ______________________

Client City, State, ZIP, Country: ______________________

Client Telephone: ______________________

Client Email Address: ______________________

Client's Age ____

Client's Case Situation

Please describe in your own words the Client's personal situation and issues as if you were the assistant to the Reader or Rootworker who will take the case. Include the full names and birthdates (if known) of all parties to the case.

Client's Financial Situation

Please describe in your own words why the Client needs Pro Bono work.

Client's Prospects for Success

Please describe in your own words your personal assessment and/or results of divination on the question of how successful you expect the work to be for this Client, if the work is recommended.

Services Requested

Conditions and Situations

___ Court Case Work / Divorce Case / Child Custody / Legal Settlements

___ Delaying or Turning Around House Foreclosure

___ Job Getting / Steady Work / Avoid Layoffs (this is NOT Money Drawing Work)

___ Reversal of Bad Luck / Changing Bad Luck To Good

___ Uncrossing / Jinx-Breaking / Removing Crossed Conditions

___ Cleansing / Protection

___ Divorce Prevention / Marriage Mending (this is NOT Reconciliation Work)



___ One Half-Hour Reading

Candle Service

___ Setting Lights or Lamps on Rootworker's Altar

Spiritual Supplies Sent to Client

___ Cleansing and Bathing Supplies Shipped to Client

___ Anointing Oil, Incense, or Sachet Powder Shipped to Client

___ Empowered Amulet or Talisman Shipped to Client

___ Instructive Flyer or Book Shipped to Client

Rootwork Performed on Conjure Doctor's Altar

___ Rootwork with Follow-Up Email or Telephone Call

Hands-On Work for Client, Local or Willing to Travel

___ Hands-on Bathing, Foot Washing, or Rub-Down

___ Hands-On Spiritual House Cleaning

See Also

Forms and Documents

These pages contain the forms and documents used for communication within AIRR, and are posted here for the use of our members and in the interest of transparency to all members of the public who are searching for honest psychic reading services:

  • AIRR Pro Bono Application on Behalf of Client Form: To be filled out by Associates only
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