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The Readers and Rootworkers web site is large -- but not so large that we cannot provide readers with a handy nested sitemap to all of the hundreds of pages and categories available here for your reading pleasure.

This site is constantly growing, thanks to the efforts of the AIRR Tech Team. We welcome suggestions for new topics as well as corrections and additions to what we have written so far.

Please note that in this sitemap, some entries are double listed because, due to cultural mingling, they form part of two or more categories.

If you want to scroll through a flat, non-nested, purely alphabetical list of all the pages and categories at this site, go to All the Pages.

For lots of fun graphics, see the Tech Team Placard Gallery.

Main Page

Divination Fortune Telling Oracles

Hoodoo Conjure Witchcraft Rootwork

     Spell Casting Methods

     Magical Traditions

     Spiritual Supplies

Worldwide Religious Traditions

     The Soul

     Angels and Archangels


     Holidays and Festivals

     Religious Prophecy and Prophets

     Working Within the African and African-Diasporic Tradition

          African and African-Diasporic Ancestral Traditions

          Orishas, The Pantheon of Lukumi

          Kimpungulu, The Pantheon of Palo

          Lwa, The Pantheon of Voodoo

     Working Within the Buddhist Tradition


          Bodhisattvas (Buddhist Saints)

     Working Within the Christian Tradition

          Working Within the Catholic Tradition

               Jesus Christ
               The Virgin Mary
               Catholic Church Saints
               Catholic Folk Saints

          Working Within the Orthodox Tradition

               Orthodox Church Saints
               Orthodox Folk Saints

          Working Within the Protestant Tradition

Working Within the Hindu Tradition

     Hindu Deities

Working Within the Islamic Tradition

     Islamic Spiritual Figures

Working Within the Jewish Tradition

     Jewish Spiritual Figures

     Jewish Folk Magic

     The Kabbalah and the Jewish Grimoire Tradition

Working Within the Native American Tradition

     Native American Deities

     Native American Spiritual Figures

Working Within the New Age Tradition

     Ascended Masters

Working Within the New Thought Tradition

Working Within the Pagan and Neo-Pagan Tradition

     Wheel of the Year

     Celtic and Gaulish Deities

     Germanic and Nordic Deities

     Greek Deities

     Netjeru, The Pantheon of Egypt

     Roman Deities

Working Within the Spiritualist Tradition

     Celebrated Mediums and Conjure Doctors

Working Within the Taoist Tradition

     Taoist Seasonal Festivals

     Taoist Detities

Sacred Texts

     The Book of Psalms

     The Surahs

Meet the Members of AIRR

     In Memoriam

     The AIRR Tech Team

     Teachers, Classes, and Courses in the Magical Arts

About the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers

The Association of Independent Spiritual Churches


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