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The Imam Mosque, also known as the Shah Mosque, in Isfahan, Iran

The religion of Islam holds to the belief in one god, Allah. But although it is a monotheistic religion that does not embrace a pantheon of deities, Muslims recognize the lives, works, and spiritual grace of numerous mystic, seers, and leaders who have helped others, either by direct acts of assistance or by founding schools of thought or denominations within the broader range of Islamic philosophy and practice.

There is much to be learned from studying the lives and deeds of such spiritual figures and holy persons. Their works and the examples they set are an inspiration to many, and in some cases, their intercession may be sought by the devout.


Working With Islamic Spiritual Figures

Click on a Spiritual Figure's name to read their story, see a picture, and find out what kinds of prayers, petitions, and spell-craft are associated with them among spiritual workers in the folk magic tradition.

Abdul-Qadir Gilani

Abdul-Qadir Gilani, also known as Ghous e Azam, is a famous mystic popular in Southeast Asia and is the founding of the Qadirriyya Sufi order.

Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr is one of the Rashidun, or "Rightly Guided Caliphs" and immediate successor to Prophet Muhammad according to Sunni Islami.

Al Ghazali

Al Ghazali is a famous Muslim theologian and mystic who connected the mysticism of Sufism with orthodox Sunni theology.

Ali ibn Abi Talib

Ali ibn Abi Talib is the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad and according to Shia Islam his rightful successor. He was one of the Rashidun and linked as the spiritual originator of many Sufi lineages.


Al-Khidr, also known as "The Green One," is the cosmic spiritual teacher who has guided and taught humanity throughout history. He is often associated with Elijah. (Read More ...)

Baha' al-Din Naqshband

Baha' al-Din Naqshband, also known as Shah Naqshband, is the founder of the Naqshbandi Order of Sufism, and his name is used in apotropaic invocations against the evil eye. (Read More ...)


Bishr, also known as "Bishr the Barefoot" is a famous mystic and Islamic saint known for his piety and humble lifestyle. He is popular in Iraq.


Hafez is a famous mystic Persian poet whose poetry is often equated with that of Rumi. His books of poetry are often used in bibliomantic diviations.

Ibn Arabi


Jalaluddin Rumi

Moinuddin Chishti



Shah Chan Charagh

Shah e Alam

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