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Erzuli Freda, also spelled Ezulie Freda and Ezili Freda, is the lwa of love, compassion, passion, and femininity. She is a beautiful spiritual being who embodies feminine grace.

Within the African Traditional Religion of Voodoo, Vudu, Vodoun, or Vodun, Erzuli Freda has three husbands -- Damballa, Agwe, and Ogoun -- and she wears one gold ring for each husband. She is one of the more flirtatious lwa though she also can be quite jealous and demanding on her servitors, sometimes viewing other women as rivals. When she arrives she gives most of her attention to men while saluting women last. She overflows with love and affection. Her mere presence can uplift the spirits of her devotees. In addition to dealing with matters of the heart, she also rules over luxury and abundance with all its trappings. She is the lwa of grace and feminity. Her symbol is the heart as it is central to her veve. Voodoo practitioners call upon Erzuli Freda to bring love, to solve or cause relationship problems, and for abundance. She is a powerful worker of magic and spells. Her colors are pink and white and her sacrifices include jewelry, perfumes, sweets, basil, luxurious foods, and liqueurs.

In Catholic syncretic Voodoo practices, Erzuli Freda is depicted as Our Lady Maria Dolorosa because of her heart-imagery, and as Our Lady of Lourdes because she is usually depicted as light-skinned. Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who are adherents of the Voodoo Religion and who petition the lwa on behalf of clients may work with Erzuli Freda for all matters of love, luxury, and wealth.

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