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Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary in the High Desert of Southern California

Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary of Joshua Tree, California, is a member church of the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches.

Four Altars welcomes everyone! Persons of all faiths and those who practice no particular religious or spiritual path but their own, come in! This church encompasses an eclectic variety of practices including Christian, Jewish, Native American, Buddhist, New Thought, Hindu, and Ancient Traditions. Our fellowship believes in petitioning God -- by whatever name resonates -- through intentionally guided prayer and the lighting of vigil candles to bring about deeply experienced transformation and the most desired outcomes, from the most persona -- having to do with addiction, chance, love, luck, health and family -- to legal, career, home and other more “practical,” earthbound matters.

Located in the High Desert of Southern California, an area long associated with hallowed quests, healing and unbridled creativity, under the clear-eyed and calming guidance of Deacon Millett, Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary was founded in the fall of 2009, the second church to join the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches.

Deacon Millett's readings and consultations are said to be both open-minded and open-hearted.
Skull spells for lust, breakups, and domination are common at Four Altars.
Four Altars' old and new candle chapels in the snow.
Ganesha sits amidst Cutting Through, Open Road, Block Buster, and Phoenix Rising candles.
Marvell the Altar Kitty guards fixed and consecrated candles awaiting the Blessings altar.

The first of two radiantly adorned chapels was built in 2010 as Deacon Millett’s burgeoning vigil candle service overflowed out of his home. A second chapel was built more recently to accommodate the prayers of a growing number of congregants. At any given moment of the day or night, hundreds of candles are ablaze with the prayers and petitions of our clients, family, and friends, each of which has been dressed, consecrated and set upon the altar, specified to your requirements. All desires and concerns, light and dark, are addressed with care, humility and focus.

Trained in African American folk magic, tarot and astrology, entrusted with the most personal wishes and needs of those seeking advice, love, power, and change, Deacon Millett and his staff utilize ancient magical traditions and modern communication to implement the fulfillment of those desires.

The author of two highly acclaimed books on Love Magic -- Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells and Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells -- Deacon Millett’s spiritual mission includes the lighting of highly individualized candles, blessed and dressed with Genuine Lucky Mojo brand oils plus Southern-style herbs and mineral curios; wise and compassionate counseling, via phone or Skype; and astrological and tarot card readings via email.

Four Altars prays on behalf of a diverse, devoted and satisfied clientele from the fifty States to the Caribbean, from the Greek Isles to Great Britain, from India to Africa. The staff is comprised of artists, poets, and musicians chosen by Deacon Millett to bring their varied views and visions to the inspired work at hand.

Four Altars candles are lit after being consecrated, with suggestions and guidance offered by our multi-faceted team or simply using invocations provided by you. Our vigil candles typically flame for up to a week, after which any characteristic images, including any burns, cracks in the glass or wax drippings, are noted in detail. Next, the description of your candle is divined for you personally. Once that is done, Deacon Millett may use his wisdom to help guide you and recommend a right course of action for you.

Read more about us at our Four Altars website.

Contact Information

Deacon Millett

Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary
High Desert, Southern California

Hours: Our private chapel is not open to visitors.

Please note that while the church is located in California, our pastor, Deacon Millett, is currently in the Eastern Time Zone in Maryland. Please keep the time change in mind when booking an appointment.

Our Services

Readings and Spiritual Consultations:

Personal readings with Deacon Millett use The Secret Dakini Oracle Deck.

  • 15 minute pre-scheduled reading, consultation, or magical coaching: $30
  • 30 minute pre-scheduled reading, consultation, or magical coaching: $60
  • Email Readings and Astrology by special arrangement

Candle Services:

We offer hundreds of different types of vigil candles, both religious and folkloric.

  • Long Distance Candle Services with Petitions and Prayers: $22-$27
  • Deacon's Choice Vigil Candle Service: $35

Conjure and Rootwork Services:

The Forgive and Forget Ritual and Honey Jars can also be found in Deacon Millett's books.

  • Rootwork Spells and Rituals: $100-$500
  • Conjure Container Spells: $250



“You're spot on with that reading!” MB - Miami, Florida

"One of the very few men in my life that I absolutely adore and cherish, without whose presence and grace in my life, I would have been lost. Such a compassionate and strong person...there is no other like you, Deacon. Thank you for being my rock...and for being the key player in my transformation! " GK - Punjab, India

“You treat your clients like you care. It's not just a job. I don’t want to talk about past workers because it's the past. I am blessed to have you in my life.” TW - Spring, Texas

“I’m so grateful for your expertise and for your amazing candles. Today I was offered a much-desired work contract. Completely out of the blue and more financially helpful than I can say!!!! I'm pretty sure this has more than a little to do with the work you are doing for me. It's going to pay as much as the last, but with a fraction of the work!!! ...My book has been published to great reviews!“ AM - Chicago, IL

"You started a Red Skull for him and he said he's been having sex dreams of me every single night the last few nights...I'm in his head round the clock." AC - Kirwan, Australia

“I've done a lot of magic (various traditions) on my own. The moment I put that letter in the mail to you, I felt a rush of tranquility, joy, peace, and just overall happiness... not at all what I expected with a curse, but I think this reflects finally getting the vengeance that is owed. I think it's also a reflection of your gifts." AL - New York, NY

“As usual you were spot on with everything. Truly gifted. Compassionate, down to earth, honest, straightforward and filled with wisdom. During & after my reading I felt very much at ease. I'm overjoyed you have decided to share your gift in helping others navigate life's issues.” LY - Washington DC

“I visited the doctor and everything is fine. It's an honor to have someone like you work for meI Thank you for guiding me through this difficult time. Words cannot express. Only GOD can bless you for it.” DL - Trinidad

"Speechless. You, sir, deserve a standing ovation." AZ, Boston, MA

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