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Spiritualism centers around the belief that the dead are able to communicate with the living, whether via dreams or other signs, or through the assistance of a gifted spirit medium. Spiritualist churches, organizations, and associations do not adhere to a single creed.

Members of one Spiritualist body are not bound to accept the cosmology, theology, or specific beliefs taught within another body that differs widely from their own, hence these organizations are considered as separate denominations in the over-arching religion of Spiritualism.

The images on this page are drawn from various denominations of Spiritualist churches around the world.

Forest Temple, Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, New York, USA
Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church in New York City, New York, USA
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church in Forestville, California, USA
On-I-Set Wigwam Spiritualist Camp in Onset, Massachusetts, USA
Ethical Spiritualist Church in Preston, Lancashire, England
Enmore Spiritualist Church, Australia's oldest Spiritualist Church, founded in 1913 in Enmore, Sydney, Australia
Metropolitan Spiritual Church Of Christ, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary in the High Desert of Southern California, USA
Wimbledon Spiritualist Church in Wimbledon, London, England, was founded in 1913 by means of directions that its founder received via a Ouija board
Calvary Spiritual Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Golden Gate Spiritualist Church Of San Francisco, in San Francisco, California, USA


Spiritualist Associations

List of Spiritualist membership organizations that encompass more than one church and in which English is the primary language spoken.

Spiritualist Camps

List of Spiritualist Summer camps are a unique facet of the Spiritualist religion in the United States. Most of them were founded during the 19th century.

Spiritualist Churches

There are far too many individual Spiritualist churches around the world to present in this list. Most of the Spiritualist organizations listed above maintain their own directories of all of the churches within their denominations and/or which are allied with them through membership.

In addition, individual Spiritist, Spiritual, and Spiritualist churches may be located through regional telephone directories and the world wide web.

The following regional and denominational directory sites may be of help:



New Zealand

South Africa

United Kingdom

United States of America


Spiritualist Associations, Defunct

Membership organizations that encompassed more than one church but are no longer extant. Some of these groups have renamed themselves or have been subsumed into larger and geographically broader associations, which can be found above.

  • Association of Christian Spiritualists of the United States of America (USA)
  • Auckland Association of Spiritualists (NZ)
  • Auckland Society for Spiritual Progress (NZ)
  • British National Association of Spiritualists (UK)
  • California Camp Meeting Association, Redondo (USA)
  • Central Association of Spiritualists (UK)
  • Central General del Espiritismo (Mexico)
  • Children’s Progressive Lyceum, San Francisco (USA)
  • Colored Spiritualist Association of Churches (USA)
  • Divine Spiritual Churches of the Southwest (USA)
  • Eternal Life Christian Spiritualist Association (USA)
  • First Christian Spiritualist Society, Oakland (USA)
  • First Progressive Spiritual Society, San Francisco (USA)
  • First Society of Progressive Mediums, San Francisco (USA)
  • First Spiritual Union, San Francisco and San Jose (USA)
  • Harmonial Spiritualists’ Association, Los Angeles (USA)
  • Ladies’ First Spiritual Aid Society, San Francisco (USA)
  • Mediums’ Protective Association (USA)
  • New York State Association of Spiritualists (USA)
  • Oakland Psychical Society (USA)
  • Pentecostal Spiritual Assemblies of Christ International (USA)
  • People’s Progressive Spiritualists’ Society of Hollister (USA)
  • People’s Spiritualists’ Society, San Francisco, Stockton (USA)
  • Sociedad Central Esperita (Mexico)
  • Society of Progressive Spiritualists, San Francisco (USA)
  • United Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ Congress (USA)
  • Unity Spiritual Society, Santa Cruz (USA)
  • Victorian Association of Progressive Spiritualists (Australia)
  • Victorian Association of Spiritualists (Australia)
  • Working Union of Progressive Spiritualists (USA)

Spiritualist Associations, Non-English Languages

List of Spiritualist Organizations that encompass more than one church and in which the primary language spoken is not English. As with the English-language organizations, these independent groups do not share a unified creed, and, in addition to the influences noted above, some have embraced other socio-cultural concepts as well, including the propagation of Esperanto and a universal Earth language.

  • Conselho Espírita Internacional (International)
  • Federacao Espirita Brasileira (Brazil)
  • Federacao Espirita Portuguesa (Portugal)
  • Federacion Espirita Del Surcolombiano (Colombia)
  • Federacion Espiritista de Cundinamarca (Colombia)
  • Federacion Espirita Espanola (Spain)
  • Hungarian Spiritualist Association (Hungary)
  • Sociedade da Igreja Espiritualista Cristã no Brasil (Brazil)

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