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Rama; unknown artist

Rama (also known as Ram) is a Hindu warrior god, and an incarnation or avatar of the Hindu deva Vishnu. Within the South-East Asian religions he is believed by many to be both a historical figure, the seventh King of the city Ayodhya, as well as a deva. One of the two great Indian epic scripures, the Ramayana, tells the story of Rama and his beloved wife Sita, who is an incarnation of the devi Lakshmi.

Devout Hindus, especially those of the Vaishanva or Vaishanvism traditions who venerate the incarnations of Vishnu, see Rama as a perfect man, one who practiced austerities and self-restraint. He willingly abandoned the comforts of his home and kingdom in order to protect his father and brother. The choice to leave was not undertaken lightly and Rama was accompanied by his wife Sita and loyal brother Lakshmana. The trio spent years traveling through the forest and living simply until Sita was kidnapped by the demon king Ravanna who fell in love with her. Rama, with the help of his brother Lakshmana and his loyal friend Hanuman pursued Ravanna until, during a bloody war against the rakshasas, the demons ruled by Ravanna, Rama was finally able to rescue Sita and emerge victorious in battle. Rama is the ideal husband who never gives up searching for Sita and never betrays their marriage. In her turn, Sita proves herself to be the ideal wife for Rama. When she is finally rescued, Sita is willing to immolate herself because there is a question about her sexual purity, due to the amount of time she was held captive by Ravanna. Though the audience or reader of the Ramayana knows that Sita is innocent, her husband does not and when he questions her, Sita walks into the fire. However, the deva of fire, Agni, refuses to consume her because she is too pure and noble, and thus restores her to Rama.

Within the Hindu religious tradition, Rama's annual festival, the Raam Navami, celebrates his birthday as well as his marriage to Sita, and festivities in his honour are held throughout India and Asia. Because Rama's name is related to the words "night" and "dark," he is usually depicted with deep blue or black skin. In his role as a warrior, he carries a bow and arrows as well as other weapons. When he is shown later in life, after having taken on his rightful and proper role as King of Ayodya, he is depicted as enthroned, crowned, and garlanded with flowers.

Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who petition the Hindu gods and goddesses on behalf of clients may work with Rama in situations associated with protection, victory, and safe travel, reconciliation and fidelity, and personal mastery, courage, and wisdom.


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