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Saint Florian, a Roman soldier, pouring water on a burning house

Saint Florian is the patron of fire fighters, chimney sweeps, and the country Poland. He is closely associated with St. Florian’s Cross, which may be familiar as the official emblem of the U.S. Fire Department. Among Central European Catholics, he has a strong reputation for miraculous healings. His feast day is May 4th.

Florian was a Roman centurion who was condemned to death by the Emperor Diocletian for refusing to obey military orders to persecute Christians. Threatened with death by fire, Saint Florian defied his executioners, saying that he would climb to heaven on the flames they lit to burn him alive. Legend has it that he was tied to a millstone and thrown into a river to drown, so he has become associated with protection from disaster by water. However, he’s best known as the saint to invoke against disaster by fire, not only because of his martyrdom, but also because of miraculous fire-quenchings during his life and after his death.

Saint Florian is depicted in traditional Roman centurion costume, a millstone is pictured in the background, and he holds a vessel of water with which he puts out fire.

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