Ayida Wedo

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Ayida Wedo is the wife and consort of Damballa. Like him, she is a serpent lwa associated with the sky and heavens.

Ayida Wedo is a rainbow serpent lwa and is part of the Rada nation. She is is the lwa of fertility, rainbows, and snakes. Like her consort, Damballa, Ayida Wedo is a great cosmic lwa that coils around all the world and is the one that makes creation possible. She is the female counterpart of the male rainbow serpent and together they rule the skies. When Ayida Wedo arrives in a Voodoo ceremony and she mounts, she does not speak, but only hisses. She is peaceful, serene, and likes the environment to reflect that. Some Voodoo traditions hold that Ayida Wedo and Damballa do not like associated with the Ghede who enjoy smoking and partying. She is also given a tub of water when she arrives in Voodoo ceremonies. Her offerings are white, candles, eggs, flour, and white chickens. Ayida Wedo is petitioned for rain, serenity, healing, and blessing.

In Catholic syncretic Voodoo practices, Ayida Wedo is associated with Saint Patrick through her husband Damballa.

Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who petition the lwa on behalf of clients may work with Ayida Wedo for fertility and serenity and blessing.

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