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Sacred Texts are scrolls and books that are used within various Religious Traditions to educate the clergy, bring theological, cosmological prophecies and moral topics before both clergy and laity, and to describe the character and the life histories of notable deities, angels, progenitors, ancestors, and heroes. Sacred texts also have a place in many Magical Traditions, both as templates for the creation of while spell casting, and in a form of divination or prophecy known as bibliomancy.


What Are the Sacred Texts?

Not every religion has a written tradition, and even those that do have one may not recognize specific texts as sacred. Among those that do affirm the sacredness of specific texts, there are cultural variations within religions as to which texts are considered sacred by established clergy. Some of the most common of these cultural variables include affirming a text to be sacred only in its original language, and/or only n one specific translation into another language, and/or only if it is hand-written by a clerically approved scribe, and/or permissible to printed for mass distribution. Because of these variable beliefs within religions of the world, any listing of sacred texts will be incomplete.

Popular Sacred Texts

As noted, there is no definitive list of sacred texts, but here are some which find popular use in the religions of the world.

Baghavad Gita

Bardo Thodol


Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms is a collection of 150 ancient Hebrew poems or songs employed in a variety of spiritual, magical, medical, and social circumstances; it forms one of the most loved portions of the Jewish Bible or Hebrew Tanakh (Read More ...)

Book of Mormon

Book of the Dead




I Ching

The I Ching or Book of Changes is an ancient Chinese method of divination, widely considered to be a sacred text within the Taoist tradition; the recitation of these portions of scripture is undertaken to bring divine aid in certain situations. (Read More ...)


The Midrash is a collection of commentaries on the Bible composed by prominent Jewish rabbis between 400 and 1200 CE. (Read More ...)

Odù Ifá





The Surahs are the 114 chapters of the Quran, the sacred text of Islam; ; the recitation of these portions of scripture is undertaken to bring divine aid in certain situations. {Read More ...)


The Talmud is the primary source of Jewish religious law and Jewish theology divided into 63 tractates—each devoted to a different subject. (Read More ...)


Tao Te Ching





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