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We Teach Folk Magic via Streaming Video

We hate to thank the COVID pandemic for anything -- but as a result of the lockdown it caused, the Annual AISC Hoodoo Heritage Festival went Virtual in 2020, with broadcast videos, live Q and A sessions, PDF lecture notes, and goody boxes filled with spiritual supplies, and printed books.

Individual Hoodoo Heritage Festival video workshops and PDF instructions are now available for purchase the low price of $25.00 each! Take classes, watch hands-on demonstrations, and view panel discussions about African-American hoodoo folk magic with the best teachers and practitioners in the nation.

• Learn practical hoodoo spells that will take your conjure work to a new level of confidence and knowledge!

• Learn divination and fortune telling methods for fun and profit, for your own use or to enhance your professional practice!

• Explore the mystery and magic of worldwide folk religions, beliefs, customs, and methodologies!

Grab these economical classes as you need them and study at your own pace.

The learning doesn't stop when our annual Hoodoo Heritage Festivals conclude! Visit our Hoodoo Heritage Learning Portal page to purchase the individual streaming workshops you want, complete with video instructions, Q and A sessions, PDFs, and links to online stores where you can also buy the full-length books that were published for debut at the festivals.


Buying Information

To purchase AISC Workshop packages, go to our

Hoodoo Heritage Learning Portal at

See ya there!

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AIRR Readers & Rootworkers Who Perform This Work for Clients

The Association of Independent Readers & Rootworkers (AIRR) is here to help you find gifted, sincere, and honest spiritual guidance, successful counseling, and professional magical spell casting and ritual conjuration. Every independent member of AIRR has been certified for psychic ability, magical skill, and ethical reliability. Every AIRR psychic, reader, seer, diviner, scryer, root doctor, and spiritual practitioner has completed a year-long program of training in conjure, hoodoo, witchcraft, rootwork, making mojo hands, and casting powerful magick spells. All of our psychics have served the public professionally for a minimum of two years -- and in many cases, significantly longer. Certified AIRR Readers & Rootworkers who will perform this type of work to help you find love, money, protection, and luck are listed below.
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