Client Request for AIRR Pro Bono Services

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This is the Client Request for AIRR Pro Bono Services form.

This Application is to be be filled out and submitted by the client who is requesting Pro Bono Fund spiritual services.


Client Request for AIRR Pro Bono Reading or Rootwork Services

This Application should be copied into email and sent to the Chairwoman of the AIRR PPro Bono Fund, Miss Michaele, at

Your General Information

Date: ______________________

Have you previously worked with or had readings from any AIRR Reader or Rootworker? _____________________

If so, who? ______________________

Your Name: ______________________

Your Address: ______________________

Your City, State, ZIP, Country: ______________________

Your Telephone: ______________________

Your Email Address: ______________________

Your Age ____

Your Birthdate ____

Your Case Situation

Please describe your personal situation and issues and what kind of help you are seeking from an AIRR rootworker or conjure doctor. Include the full names and birthdates (if known) of everyone involved in the case.

Your Financial Situation

Please describe in your own words why you need Pro Bono work.

See Also

Forms and Documents

These pages contain the forms and documents used for communication within AIRR, and are posted here for the use of our members and in the interest of transparency to all members of the public who are searching for honest psychic reading services:

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