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The AIRR logo assures clients of your high standards for magical work and ethical conduct

For those of you who don't know, The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR) is looking for more applicants to join our organization. AIRR is a great way to gain more exposure as a rootworker, acquire more clients and expand your rootworking practice. As a professional organization we offer our clients added values like working under a code of ethics, supporting our communities, and offering the services of an ombudsman to help mediate any client issues.

As a member of AIRR you get access to shared resources like our online AIRR wiki to help educate your clients about the types of work we do and the mutual assistance of being able to refer clients to other rootworkers who specialize in particular areas.

If you are a professional (part-time or full-time) reader and/or rootworker who has graduated from the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, AIRR is the place to:

Are you a psychic reader? Your services and gifts are welcome at AIRR; we welcome readers to our organization and provide multiple forms of recognition and promotion for your career
Some of the AIRR members who presented workshops at the 2018 Hoodoo Heritage Festival
Some of the AIRR members who presented workshops at the 2019 Hoodoo Heritage Festival
Hoodoo Heritage Festival workshop notes are collected into books ("The Black Folder" and "The Red Folder") and participating AIRR members receive continuing royalties for their publication
  • Meet and associate with ethical, upstanding readers and rootworkers.
  • Reach thousands of potential clients 24/7 for the small directory fee of $100.00 per year, which gives you an illustrated bio page and a convenient booking page.
  • Set your own rates for minute or per service.
  • Keep 100% of the income you earn, with no fees or kickbacks to the organization beyond your $100.00 per year listing fee.
  • Have your name and link splashed on hundreds of popular web pages about magic, fortune-telling, and spirituality.
  • Get extra free listings for your outreach as an author, video provider, podcaster, shop-keeper, lecturer, or teacher.
  • Host a free testimonial thread on a public forum where your clients can vouch for your services and link back to your personal bio and booking pages.
  • Receive publicity by appearing as a regular guest on the longest-running hoodoo and folk magic podcast in the world.
  • Participate in yearly festivals where you can be seen by the public and receive payment for presenting workshops.
  • Receive royalty payments for the publication of your festival workshop and lecture notes.
  • Minimize friction with clients by engaging AIRR's free Ombudsman services when necessary.

To become a member of AIRR, you must be a graduate of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. You can apply to join as a reader or as a reader/rootworker. If you choose to apply as a reader/rootworker, you need to have 2 years of experience under your belt practicing rootwork. Membership in AIRR requires a fee of $100 a year, but we can tell you from personal experience that you'll earn that back from clients many times over.

Applying for membership is simple, just visit the link below and under the AIRR Practitioners/Prospective Applicants section. Make sure to read the whole page to understand what AIRR is all about as well as it's relationship to the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Fill out your application, follow the instructions for sending it in (including 6 photos of work you've done) and your application processing will begin.

Learn more about AIRR, the directory program, the benefits of being listed, and the services that we offer to our members and to our clients:

About the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers

The AIRR Code of Ethics

AIRR Presenters in the Hoodoo Heritage Festival

AIRR Ombudsman Terms of Service

The AIRR Pro Bono Fund

AIRR Sample Client Contracts

If having the back-up of a large, popular rootwork web site, technical help in reaching the public, and the social support of a network of well-trained professionals appeals to you, you may wish to join AIRR. The listing fee is $100.00 per year, and there is a $30.00 application fee as well.

To apply to join AIRR, go here and fill out the form:

AIRR Application Form

AIRR is actively recruiting new members, so if you have ever wanted to apply and take your reading and rootwork practice to the next level, we encourage you to look over the site and familiarize yourself with what we offer, then check out the AIRR Application form, and consider if AIRR is right for you. If it is, get in touch and we will schedule a test reading and an interview and help you set up your AIRR bio and booking pages.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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