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Nsasi conjures lightning from the heavens

Nsasi (also known as Siete Rayos, Nsazi, or Mukiamamuilo) is the mpungo who rules over thunder, fire, virility, spell-casting and justice. He is the king in the religion of Palo, a crafty magician and a notorious womanizer.

Siete Rayos, Nsasi’s common Spanish-language name, means "Seven Lightning Bolts," which refersg to his use of lightning and thunder in battle. He is a talented fighter and a fearsome enemy, but he also uses ccharm and male sexuality to get what he wants. Siete Rayos (along with Sarabanda) is one of the two principle mpungo that every Tata or priest in Palo must receive in order to initiate others into the religion. Oaths and initiations are performed in front of his nganga or shrine. His colors are red and white and his ritual number is 6. Animal sacrifice is used to propitiate Nsasi within the Congo-derived religions. Altar offerings for Siete Rayos include bananas, red wine, chamba (peppered rum), and cigars. He is associated with the palm tree and his offerings are commonly left at the foot of these trees.

In the syncretic practices of Palo Monte, in which mpungos are associated with Catholic Church saints, the representative of Siete Rayos is Saint Barbara. Because of their shared traits, Siete Rayos is sometimes syncretized with the orisha Shango. Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who are adherents of the Palo Religion and who petition the mpungos on behalf of clients may petition Siete Rayos for protection, enemy work, sexual trysts, money and justice.


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