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Court case and legal spellwork does not replace hiring competent counsel

Clients seek out hoodoo rootworkers to cast law keep away, court case, and mediation spells for a number of different reasons, so under the general category of spells for legal matters, spiritual rootworkers group together many types of magical spells undertaken on behalf of clients who are seeking advantages in legal and courtroom matters.

Law keep away spells are employed in situations where a form of invisibility is sought for those who, for one reason or another, do not wish to attract unwanted attention to their business, or who wish to avoid unnecessary confrontations with over-active security or police force employees. Some conjure doctors will not undertake any law keep way cases at all -- but of those who refuse the work, there are a number who are willing to teach law keep away spells to their clients by the process of spiritual consultation known as magical coaching.

Court case and mediation spells are used by both defendants and plaintiffs in legal cases, as well as by those who wish to reach out-of-court settlements; the nature of the legal matter may be civil or criminal. Most conjure doctors will not undertake to cast spells for clients who are facing legal proceedings unless they know the clients have competent counsel.

Bail reduction, probation, and parole hearings are other court-related issues for which clients may seek help, either from one side or the opposing side of the case. Most conjure doctors will not undertake to cast spells for such clients unless they know the clients have competent counsel.


Tools and Techniques for Court Cases, Legal Matters, and Keeping Off the Law

A small shrine with offerings to Jesus Malverde, a Mexican Catholic Folk Saint who protects those who live outside the law; offerings include brown candles dressed with Law Keep Away oil and Court Case oil, a mini-bottle of Crown Royal whiskey, a glass jar filled with herbs, and an assortment of coins and dollar bills
Court case cursing spell utilizing a tied and bound doll-baby to put a child molester in prison for life
A honey jar was made on behalf of a young prison inmate whom you can see in doll-form wearing an old-fashioned striped prison uniform, to get him a lessened sentence and time off for good behaviour, and to send him the courage and personal power to survive among hardened criminals
A court case spell in which opened handcuffs and other offerings represent a speedy conclusion to the client's troubles with the law.
A Court Case Candle spell for Justice
Court case spell for a plaintiff to prevail against a large corporation
Court case spell on a honey jar to sweeten the judge and jury
Indian head pennies are traditionally used as scouts and lookouts to forewarn and protect against law agents
Mediation, arbitration, or negotiation may sometimes result in better outcomes than seeking victory in court

Spell-casting help with court cases, immigration matters, and binding arbitrations are commonly asked for by clients. Less commonly requested are spells for keeping off the law and for matters of probation, parole, and bail reduction. Well-trained professional root doctors and conjure practitioners should know many techniques for spells of all of these types, although not every practitioner will perform them for all clients.

Court case, parole, bail reduction, immigration, mediation, arbitration, and law keep away spells of all types rely on the use of candles, container spells, dolls, roots and herbs, oils, powders, and other curios that are traditionally thought to be effective in getting law enforcement personnel to treat the client with decency and respect and getting judiciary personnel to favour the client's case above those whose are in opposition. Some of the curios used in court case, legal settlement, mediation, and arbitration work include doll babies or poppets, Little John or Court Case root, beef tongues (to silence hostile witnesses), honey jars (used to sweeten influential attorneys, jury members, judges, and other judicial personnel to the client's side), vinegar jars (used for sour the connections between two named people so that they cannot work together to the detriment of the client), plain brown candles and figural candles (human image candles or crucifix candles) which can be dressed with court case or wisdom roots, herbs, oils, and sachet powders and used in legal workings.

Spells that root doctors and spiritual practitioners use to aid a client in court or legal matters include petitions to spirits to cause the client's paperwork to be lost or misplaced, spells to cause hostile witnesses to shut up or leave town or to be so aberrant in behaviour that they cannot give effective testimony, spells to cause favourable witnesses to speak clearly and with a sincere and convincing demeanour, spells to encourage lawyers to be more active on a case, spells to sweeten judges and juries, and spells to intimidate opposing parties and their lawyers.

Spells for Court Cases and Legal Matters

There are many traditional methods of aiding those who find themselves involved in legal tangles or attracting the unfavorable attention of the law.

Specially prepared brown ritual candles may be burned on an altar for nine days prior to a court date to protect the interests of those at risk.

When investigations are ongoing, "tossing the house" is a ritual that may be employed by an in-person root doctor who ritually turns things upside down to confuse the investigators.

If the client is seeking monetary recompense for damages, a honey jar coupled with money-drawing work is often used, to cause the judge or jury to be generous to the client.

Herbal preparations, mojo bags, talismans, and honey jars may be employed to incline the judge and jury towards the petitioner's case, and the client may be instructed to "chew the root" during the trial or, if that is not possible, the worker will chew the root on the client's behalf. Spells reputed to silence the voices of the opposition, including hostile witnesses, law officers, and the opposing side's attorney, may be engaged; among these, the most famous involves a ritually prepared beef tongue that is used to tie, bind, silence, and freeze out any interests that oppose the client's.

Keeping Off the Law

Among the many traditional hoodoo spells employed to keep the law away from a client, there are spells to cause the client to remain somewhat invisible from outside interference, spells to bring bad luck and trouble to people who might inform on the client, spells to cause law enforcement personnel to drop investigations against the client in favour of other matters, and spells of increase and good luck that allow the client to put away a secure amount of money so that dealings with the law may be avoided entirely in the future.

Not all spells to keep away the law involve aiding law-breakers. Many people, by reason of the way they look or where they live may be unjustly targeted by law enforcement for unnecessary stops and searches, or may be "profiled" and harassed for no legal reason. Such incidents have an unfortunate effect on the client's well-being, and even a simple speeding ticket may even prove deadly if the police may shoot to kill an innocent person whom they had falsely "profiled" as a criminal. For these reasons, and many others, clients may ask for law keep away work to be performed as a form of protection from trouble.

Mediation, Arbitration, Negotiation

Clients who are familiar with the concept of hoodoo court case spells sometimes fail to realize that similar spells can be employed when their case involves mediation, arbitration, or negotiation, but does not include a typical judge-and-jury trial. In many cases, the best advice an attorney can give a client is "mediate, don't litigate," and there is a long history of traditional conjure work that fortifies that outlook and supports the granting of desired outcomes through out-of-court settlements and professional mediation.

If you are involved in a legal dispute which may benefit from negotiation or mediation, the first thing you must do is seek and obtain competent counsel. Once that has been taken care of, a root doctor can assist you in making things go as smoothly as possible through the application of prayers and magical spells. Some common forms of conjure work for this sort of situation include ritual bathing and smudging with specially-prescribed incenses before attending meetings, working with doll babies and the preparation of honey jar spells, and backing up mediation sessions through the setting of vigil candles.

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