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ConjureMan Ali
Orange County, California

I do not have set business hours. At the present all appointments are set up through email.

At the present all of my appointments are set up through email.

After paying for your reading and or consultation, email me at with up to 5 targeted questions and include all pertinent information like names, dates of births, background information, and pictures if available. Please limit these questions to one or two topics at the most to help ensure clarity. Please allow up to five business days after your payment clears for my response. If you are interested in my performing rootwork on your behalf or wish me to take on your case, please state so in your initial communication and I shall perform a divination on the matter.

I am available for some telephone readings, but am usually booked several weeks in advance for phone readings, whereas email readings are available and worked through daily and you'll receive an answer much faster that way. If you are interested in setting up a phone reading, contact me via email to set up the appointment and arrange payment.

There are two ways to book me:

(1) CALL RIGHT NOW at $3.99 per minute, if I am available, as indicated by the "click to call" button, or

(2) SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE and pay by Paypal.


At certain times I am available online for callers who need my help immediately. The cost is higher per minute than a prescheduled appointment but you do not have to wait.

To book my services online immediately through, using your credit card as a payment method, click on the green "Available" button or call

1-888-4-HOODOO Ext. 5555

Note that in order to get this PREMIUM SERVICE, your credit card will be billed at the rate of $3.99 per minute.


You may book my psychic reading services online, using Paypal as a payment method:

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