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Archangel Michael by Raphael

Archangel Michael is recognized as an archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic and Baha'i traditions and, as Saint Michael, he is one of only a few Jewish archangels who has been made a saint in the Catholic church as well as a saint in the Orthodox church. His name in Hebrew means "He Who is Like God."

Michael is mentioned by name is the Books of Daniel, Jude, and Revelation in the Bible and is usually seen as a great Prince, protector of Israel, and the Field Commander of the Army of God. He is one of the archangels called on by ceremonial magicians, and in these magical traditions he is generally associated with the element of Fire. He is said to help supplicants defeat their enemies, and to accompany the righteous dead to Paradise. He is viewed as a powerful ally to those engaged in protection work against enemy curses, demons, and evil spirits, as well as a helper to those seeking personal mastery.

In Jewish tradition, Michael is known as the one who defeats the Archangel Samael and in bot Judaism and Islam he is frequently affiliated with the Archangel Gabriel. In Christian iconography he is generally shown as a winged man in battle armour who wields a sword or spear and defeats Satan by crushing him underfoot. In the Catholic Church, nine-day prayers called novenas are prayed to ask Michael's protection. As Saint Michael the Archangel, he is the patron of policemen, soldiers, and security guards and he is honoured on the Feast Day for all Archangels on September 29th. In the Orthodox Christian tradition, his feast day is November 8th, the Synaxis of the Holy Archangels. Hoodoo root doctors and Spiritualist practitioners who work with angels may keep a statue of Michael on an altar as a Spirit Guide when work is being performed for the protection of clients. Names or images of enemies may be placed under his statue while petitioning his help in spiritual battle. He is the Archangel of Sunday.


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