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A Christian church altar; the dominant imagery is a stained-glass cross of crucifixion; to the left and right are sign-boards setting forth the day's scriptural texts

Christianity is a group of religious traditions that developed from the religion of Judaism. Its major tenet is belief in the status of Jesus Christ, the Son of God as the Messiah or anointed one.

As Christianity has spread around the world, it has, in some places and at some times, incorporated elements from the indigenous religious traditions it has replaced, most notably the holiday traditions of European Paganism. Additionally, some Christian congregations have adapted or adopted African-influenced forms of praise-singing and worship.

Christianity has influenced many magical traditions and traditions of divination, including the African American folk-magic tradition known as hoodoo or conjure.



The major sub-categories of Christianity are:

  • the Catholic Tradition: The oldest and largest denomination.
  • the Orthodox Tradition: Arose from a long-ago split in the organization of the Western and Eastern churches; the Western ones remained in the Roman Catholic tradition and the Eastern ones formed several regional demoninations, such as Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and Armenian Orthodox.
  • the Protestant Tradition: After the schism between the Western Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox churches,an internal split arose in Europe, led by Martin Luther, founder of the Protestant movement and the utheran Church. After this the Protestant churches schismed continually, until there are not thousands of large and small Protestant denominations, including Lutheran, Baptist, Congregational, Presbyterian, Methodist, and many more.

Some forms of Spiritualism are also considered to be Christian in their orientation.

Membership in the Christian Religion

A Gallup Poll taken in November 2003 among people living in the United States of America who professed adherence to any religion at all found that a total of 83 percent identified as Christians, and among the Christian respondents,

  • 53 percent said they were Protestant,
  • 23 percent identified themselves as Catholic, and
  • 7 percent represented themselves as 'other Christian,' a group that included

Many Christian denominations hold public worship services at which the clergy interact both with deity and with the laity. Membership in Christian houses of worship may require initiatic rites of passage such as baptism, confirmation and/or a declaration of faith in a specific creed.

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