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Spirits and Spirit Guides are discarnate entities and allies of pure spirit who are willing to assist rootworkers, readers and other spiritualists in their Spirit Work. The spirits of the dead, ancestors, ghosts, ascended masters, folk saints, angels, spirits of place, nature spirits, venerated heroes, animal spirits, totem, familiars and other helpful spiritual allies can all be considered Spirits and Spirit Guides.

Many cultures around the world petition spirits, ancestors, and spirit guides in their spell casting work. By working with these entities, the conjure doctor gains the assistance of a spirit behind the scenes; a spirit ally to help accomplish work in the spirit realm.

Within the Spiritualist tradition, the term Spirit Guides refers to discarnate entities who are called upon by spirit mediums to guide them in revealing information sought by a client. They may be personal guides, seen only by one spirit medium or they may be well-known and even popular spirits whom many trance mediums consult.

Petitioning Spirits and Spirit Guides

Spirits not associated with any one religion or form of worship come in many forms. Some are the worker's personal blood-lineage ancestors while others are associated with places of power like the crossroads or the cemetery. There are even some spirits, like the Native American Sauk tribe leader Black Hawk, or the Western and Central African ancestral spirit Bwete, who are tied to cultural lineages or ethnic groups, but whose fame and power has spread beyond their original boundaries. Each of these spirits has a story, a unique way of being petitioned or honored -- and one or more magical or spiritual specialties when it comes to helping people.

The following Spirits and Spirit Guides are petitioned for aid by conjure doctors and hoodoo practitioners who are Spiritualists or folk magicians, or who serve a primarily Spiritualist or folk magical client base. Click on any of the Spirit or Spirit Guide names below to learn more about them, see a picture, and find out what kinds of prayers, petitions, and magical spell-craft are associated with the Spirit or Spirit Guide among Spiritualist workers in the folk magic tradition.

Popular Spirits and Spirit Guides

Black Hawk in a bucket on a home altar.
A roadside shrine for Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez, decorated with flowers and offerings
A shrine to Jesus Malverde along the border between Mexico and the United States
An array of large statues and small offering bowls of La Madama offered for sale
A community altar with offerings to Maximon


Working with ancestors for beneficial spiritual blessings as well as protection from enemies or negative spirits is a strong and ancient part of hoodoo and conjure practice; ancestor work may be performed for you by your root doctor, or, through Magical Coaching, you may be instructed in how to create your own home ancestor altar (Read More...)

Black Hawk

Black Hawk was a Native American Sauk and Fox tribe leader who, in the Spiritualist Churches is a spirit guide who grants strong protection; he is also venerated by people of Native American heritage who wish to honour their lost and missing tribal ancestors. (Read More...)


In Western and Central Africa the veneration of ancestors is called the cult of Bwiti or Bwete; people of African descent in the Americas have adapted Bwete figures for use as guardians of the containers in which their own ancestral family relics are kept. (Read More...)

The Crossroads

The crossroads or the “forks of the road” where two roads cross is a suitable site to perform magical rituals or cast spells, use as an altar where offerings can be laid, or select as a place for the ritual disposal of finished magical works. (Read More...)

The Dead and the Graveyard

The spirits of those who have passed possess certain gifts and abilities. Graveyard dirt may be used in casting magical spells for clients and certain container spells, such as mirror boxes may be buried in a graveyard on behalf of a client. (Read More...)


Demons are discarnate spirits who are tricky, ill-intentioned, or evil. They are recognized as such under various names in many religious traditions. They may be described as invisible or they may take physical form, according to the beliefs of those who describe them. (Read More...)


Djinn, Jinn, or Genies are powerful spirits of nature, the desert, and the elements as conceived within the Near Eastern and North African traditions. Belief in djinn spans from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean and their presence is found in a variety of cultures, but most prominently among Arabic people and those who work within the Islamic tradition. (Read More...)

Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez

Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez is a contemporary beatified personage who is immensely popular in Latin America; a physician in life, he died in 1919 while traveling to visit a poor patient in his native Venezuela. (Read More...)

Intranquil Spirit

The Intranquil Spirit is petitioned to return wayward lovers by harassing them with restlessness. (Read More ...)

Jesus Malverde

Jesus Malverde is a Mexican folk saint who protects those who live outside the law. (Read More...)

Lady Luck

Lady Luck, known in older English texts as Dame Fortune, and in ancient Latin as the goddess Fortuna, is a female spirit who grants success and luck, especially in matters of Prosperity, Money Drawing, Business, and Gambling Luck. (Read More...)

La Madama

La Madama is a Cuban spirit who presides over the work of playing card readers, bone readers, and conjure doctors. (Read More...)

Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau is a New Orleans practitioner of hoodoo and Voodoo who has become a spirit guide for spirit-workers who call upon her to grant them power in matters of court cases, love, revenge, and spiritual mastery. (Read More...)

Maximon (San Simon-Judas)

Maximon and San Simon-Judas are the contemporary names for an ancient Mayan underworld god, Ma'am, which means "Great Grandfather," and who is a destroyer of witchcraft, a guardian of agriculture and fertility, and a deity of the heavenly crossroads. (Read More ...)

Native American Spirit Guides

Native American Spiritual Figures who were renowned for their gifts of Prophecy and Spiritual Vision during their lifetimes, as well as lesser-known and undocumented Native American spirits, have long held a place within Spiritualist and Spiritist religious traditions, where they are generally referred to as "Indian Spirit Guides." Within the various mediumistic denominations, these entities may be called on as personal guides or they may be venerated and their assistance sought by the congregation at large. (Read More ...)

Nkisi Ndoki

Nkisi Ndoki are physical manifestations of the Kimpungulu or deities of the religion of the Congo in the forms of humans or animals. Read More ...)

Santisima Muerte

Santisima Muerte, or Most Holy Death, is a Mexican spirit petitioned to help keep husbands faithful, even to the point of death. (Read More...)

Mediumistic Spirit Guides

Within the religion of Spiritualism, Mediumistic Spirit Guides are discarnate entities who are called upon by spirit mediums or channellers to guide them in revealing information sought by a client; they may be personal guides, seen only by one spirit medium or they may be well-known and even popular spirits whom many trance mediums consult. (Read More...)

The Three Magi

The Three Magi, also known as The Three Wise Kings are venerated within several branches of Christianity as spiritual figures who recognized the birth of the Messiah. They are honored in various countries through festivals of gift-giving to children and petitioned for wisdom, guidance, and spiritual insight. (Read More...)

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