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Brahma; unknown artist

Brahma is the deva of creation and all mankind. He is seen as one member, along with Shiva and Vishnu, of the Hindu trimurti, a triune conception of the godhead within the Hindu pantheon. When considered as part of the trimurti, each deva, in addition to his own role as a creator-god among his own worshippers, is assigned a particular role: Shiva is the lord of destruction, Vishnu is the great preserver and redeemer, and Brahma is the creator. Despite being part the trimurti, however, Brahma lacks the popularity of his two counterparts, who are also considered to be creatordeities by their own followers.

In the beginning, Brahma gave birth to himself. Some traditions relate that he was born from the sea and a golden egg. In another tradition Brahma sprang from a lotus flower. Brahma created the first man and shaped the universe out of the golden egg from which he himself had been birthed. Despite his role as creator, Brahma does not have a large population of worshipers. The few altars that exist to him are decorated with his images, flowers, and red and gold colors. This lack of presence, especially in comparison to his counterparts Vishnu and Shiva, is reputed to be the result of a curse. Brahma is cursed and so his worship on earth is limited.

Within the Hindu religious tradition, Brahma is depicted as having four heads or faces, four arms, a white beard, and red garments. Unlike other multi-armed deities Brahma is not shown carrying any weapons. Instead his symbols include prayer beads and scepters. Sarasvati, the devi of knowledge and learning, is his wife and may sit beside him. Images of Brahma sometimes include his swan mount.

Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who petition the Hindu deities on behalf of clients may work with Brahma when there are pending spiritual and magical issues regarding protection from enemies and evil, blessing and healing, and spirituality and mysticism.


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