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Spells for healing, blessing, and cleansing are often performed via hands-on work, but may also be cast at a distance
Clients seek out hoodoo rootworkers to cast blessing, cleansing, healing, and tranquility spells for a number of different reasons, so under this general category of work, spiritual practitioners group together many types of magical spells undertaken on behalf of clients who are seeking Heaven's blessings and an increase of peace and happiness.

Blessing spells are employed to gain favour for new ventures, such as moving into a new home, giving birth to children, the acquisition of a household pet, or getting a new job. In some cases, the blessing may be embodied in a physical token or object of some kind, such as a magical talisman, or a mojo bag.

Cleansing spells are used to remove negative conditions prior to undertaking new works. They may be performed in person or at a distance.

Healing spells are sought for all manner of ills from physical to mental, and including spiritual malaise, drug or alcohol abuse, past injuries, and the results of enduring enemy attacks. Like cleansing work, healings may be conducted in person or at a distance.

Tranquility spells can calm a home or bring peacefulness to a mind that is restless and unsatisfied or unsettled. They may be given a physical form such as a container spell which is placed in a location, or they may be worked by remote means such as candle magic or altar work and prayers.


Tools and Techniques for Blessing, Cleansing, Healing, and Tranquility

A small Christian blessing and healing altar with Bible, incense, floral offerings, and a white candle; the candle rests upon a prayer book containing the names and conditions of those who have requested services

Cleansing, blessing, healing, and tranquility spells are frequently requested by clients, both for themselves and on behalf of their family members, children, or pets, and as a consequence, spiritual practitioners and rootworkers have developed many techniques for strengthening defenses, warding off evil, and ensuring safety.

Blessing spells of all types rely on the use of candles, incense, oils, roots and herbs, and curios that are reputed to assist in enveloping the client in a state of calm, grace-filled, and peaceful security, reflecting a sense of divine order and tranquility, and opening the consciousness to communion with helpful spiritual energies.

Some of the curios used in blessing, cleansing, healing, and tranquility work include althaea herb (to draw good spirits), house dressings and sprinkles (used to maintain blessings in the home), fixed blessing lamps, vigil candles for tranquility and healing which are dressed with soothing and peaceful roots, herbs and oils, and talismans or mojo hands worn or carried by the client to enhance ongoing health and workings.

Among the specific kind of spells we find for safety and protection, there are spells to avert the threat of night-time hag-riding, spells to keep off the evil eye, spells to keep law enforcement interested in helping to imprison criminals who are wreaking havoc either in a neighborhood or within a family, spells to keep travel safe, spells for lucky avoidance of dangers known and unknown, and spells for stopping spiritual and magical attacks by jealous rivals.

Blessing Spells

A Jewish menorah candle-holder on a blessing altar
Blessing spell work is a type of service that most rootworkers enjoy doing for their clients.

If everything is going well in the client's life and a blessing is asked on a new business, new home, new job, new pet, or new-born child, then the work is undertaken with considerable joy and sweetness.

If a spiritual worker's client has been previously suffering from crossed conditions, then it is customary for the root doctor to perform an uncrossing spell, followed by a protection spell to keep the bad situation from returning, and then to finish with a blessing spell to send the client on his or her way renewed, refreshed, and sheltered.

Blessings may be general in nature, simply calling for continued goodness and grace, or they may be made quite specific in content. Examples of highly structured blessings include blessing a new boat with water that has been ritually collected from the lake, river, or sea in which the boat will be sailing, or blessing a new pet by crafting a talisman that utilizes some of the saved personal concerns, such as fur or a photo, of a former pet.

Cleansing Spells

A hands-on spiritual bath for cleansing and blessing

If you have are experiencing a crossed condition, bad luck for a long time, or are suffering from an unnatural illness you may have been crossed, jinxed, tied up, or someone may have put roots on you. Those who may have an enemy who practices hoodoo rootwork may find that something is being worked against them. It may not be known who did this but you may have suspicions or even be able to recall when and how such work was done on you.

If you want this sort of condition removed, it helps to know who put the work on you so that their name can be called back at them, but even if the person who put the work on you, or how they put the work on you is not known, there are things your rootworker can do to take off and remove the condition. To take off or remove crossed conditions, many people will make use of in-person spiritual baths and simple candle-spells. A Rootworker can assist you in removing harmful conditions to your spiritual, mental, and emotional well being by cleansing you, your home or workspace directly or from a distance. Methods of cleansing used by hoodoo rootworkers for this include bathing, foot washing, sprinkling, spraying, suffumigation with herbs or resins, egg cleansing, and performing a thorough and prayerful house scrubbing with spiritual products.

Health and Healing Spells

Preparing a small Pardon Cross (at center bottom) to be given to a client about to undergo open-heart surgery; as healers, Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez, Saint Jude, Jesus Christ of the Sacred Heart, and Our Lady of Grace are petitioned for help in this case

Health matters are properly dealt with within the provenance of medical science, but many rootworkers will accept clients who wish to accompany their regular medical care with spiritual work. This may take the form of crafting old-fashioned traditional herbal prescriptions, the casting of spells, working with spirits, consultations with the dead, or petitioning Catholic saints for assistance and support during the client's health crisis.

It is extremely important that clients who consult spiritual practitioners about medical matters be aware that although there are many traditional and profound techniques of healing that fall outside the realm of modern medicine, not ethical or reputable root doctor will seek to draw clients away from obtaining treatment with a regular medical doctor, nor will a conscientious root doctor accept money for a healing or cleansing unless the client is already receiving adequate medical attention through conventional means.

With that understood, rootworkers who take on healing cases tend to view the patient in a holistic way, as a human being and not a collection of disease symptoms. Treatments may include spiritual bathing and cleansing, the preparation of consecrated amulets, seals, or talismans for the patient to carry, and the setting of vigil lights during the times that the client is seeing a doctor or undergoing medical treatments, to back up the doctors' work, and the maintenance of a prayer altar during times of need.

Tranquility Spells

A tranquility spell performed with blue candles, Peaceful Home incense, and personal concerns of the client's family underneath the tray

Tranquility is a state of calm repose in which one is alert and conscious, but untroubled by the ups and downs of daily life or its crises. A tranquil person is even-tempered, undemanding, and gentle.

When times are difficult, many people become fearful, agitated, or unsettled to the point that they cannot effectively cope with their problems, but instead collapse into states of fear, depression, or anxiety. Tranquility spells are requested by those who wish to attain a measure of quiet reflectiveness that will enable them to weather troubles with equanimity.

Not all clients request tranquility for themselves; they may wish to soothe or calm their spouses, children, parents, other relatives, co-workers, or even their pets. Many root doctors find this kind of work beneficial to themselves as well as to the target individuals, for in soothing others, they call upon their own reserves of calm strength and also may contact a source of divine peace.

Some of the techniques for conferring tranquility upon a client or the client's chosen target include in-person or long-distance bathing and cleansing, prayerful altar work and the recital of Psalms, setting lights, preparing potted plant spells or fixed photos to set around the home or workplace, crafting mojo bags and conjure hands for clients to carry, or empowering amulets, seals, or talismans to carry or wear. In addition, rootworkers may prescribe herbal crystal salts for use in the laundry, herb teas to drink, or dressing oils to wear.

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

Baby Doll being named and baptized for a long distance infertility bathing ritual.

In the Hoodoo tradition, infertility is considered an unnatural state. Clients who are having difficulties getting pregnant can contact a spiritual worker who can perform uncrossing spells and baths on them to restore their natural female nature. This work is most successful if performed in person; however, distance work has also proven successful.

Infertility can be a distressing condition, and we encourage you to seek medical advice first. When no immediate medical problem can be identified, spiritual bathing or spellwork may help you address the situation.

Woman who are already pregnant, especially those having difficult or uncomfortable pregnancies, can make use of natural herbal and magical practices to strengthen their pregnancy and increase their chances of bringing a healthy child to term. Ethical rootworkers never seek to interfere with a client's medical treatments, and often encourage clients to consult with a doctor.

Herbal and spiritual pregnancy traditions are not a substitute for regular medical care and check-ups, and no ethical rootworker will attempt to interfere with a client's engagement of medical services and may in fact urge a pregnant client to seek out the best medical care available.

Blessing and Protecting Children

A fixed and prepared photograph of a baby accompanied by anointed white candles in a brass Chinese candle-holder designed with the ideogram for "long life", a simple blessing altar for the health and safety of the child

Traditional hoodoo practitioners offer clients many remedies for the problems associated with raising children. Some of the methods your rootworker may suggest include enchanted talismans for the baby's crib, room, or clothing; spiritual cleansing; prescribed supplies for the bath and laundry; dressing oils to assist your child to succeed in studies and schoolwork; the setting of vigil lights for Uncrossing and a Peaceful Home; Protection spells for dealing with playground bullying; and Cast Off Evil spells to keep the away bad companions and the lure of drugs and alcohol.

While some of these spells are essentially the same as those that would be engaged on behalf of a friend, relative, or spouse, there are certain herbs and natural curios associated with the bonds between parents and children that can be added to these workings to customize them for use on children.

It is often advisable for jobs that are undertaken on behalf of a child to be carried out more or less in secret, lest the child object to being protected or blessed, as some children do. Your root doctor can perform fixed candle spells or moving candle spells for you at his or her prayer altar, set vigil lights for your family, or prescribe spiritual goods for your home use. If you wish to perform a portion of the work yourself, your conjure doctor can personally instruct you, through the technique of magical coaching, on how to prepare and use hoodoo spiritual supplies as an aid to seeing your children grow up strong and healthy.

Blessing, Healing, and Protecting Domestic Animals and Pets

Animals have always played a vital part in the life of a traditional hoodoo practitioner. From working farm animals to domesticate livestock and beloved pets, the spiritual practitioner honors and reveres the life of every animal. The root doctor inherently knows the importance of animal life in the balance of nature. Spiritual practitioners who work for and on behalf of animals may perform healing spells, fertility spells, protection spells, and in some cases spells to find a lost or stolen animal. Some practitioners are gifted with the ability to communicate with wild animals, domestic livestock, or pets, both in life as well as after death.

Altar work, petitioning of saints, candle spells, jinx breaking and uncrossing, setting of lights, long-distance or in-person healing of the animal, spiritual protection, consultation with animal spirit guides, telepathically communicating with animals, and the recommendation of seeking veterinary consultations may also be recommended by your spiritual worker.


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