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A spiritual seer looks beyond the veil of mundane reality and into the cosmic spheres; engraving by Camille Flammarion

Clients seek out hoodoo rootworkers and Spiritualist practitioners to cast spiritual spells for a number of different reasons, so under this category, conjure doctors group together many types of magical spells and spell-casting traditions undertaken on behalf of clients who are seeking to enhance their spirituality; to develop gifts of divination and prophesy, dreaming true, psychism, and mediumship; who are students of occultism; and/or who wish to use mental influence or telepathic knowledge in their spell work.



Tarot cards, pendulum, and crystal balls, with a Psychic Vision candle to enhance clairvoyance during readings
Ouija board, planchette, tarot cards, pendulum, crystal ball, scrying bowl, and scented ritual oil are some of the divination tools used by psychic readers
A séance for establishing contact with the dead; participants may discover that they have a talent for mediumship of which they were previously unaware
Spiritual visions can be enhanced, more clearly remembered, and more easily interpreted through the use of prayers, candle magic, curios, and talismans
To protect against evil spirits or bad dreams, it is a common practice to read certain Psalms before going to bed and to then sleep with the Bible under one's pillow or under the bed.
A psychic vision spell conducted at long distance on behalf of a client
An early 20th century print that depicts one aspect of hypnotism -- the induction of a happy or healthful vision of life's future goals realized, providing a mental image toward which the subject can confidently aspire

For more information, see Spiritualism

Spirituality is an ineffable term, difficult to define, and always open to interpretation. In the practice of hoodoo, which is a form of folk magic, spiritual spell casting, especially when such work is performed at an altar, generally refers to work that is aimed at deepening the client's connection to the world of spirit and strengthening the client's faith whether that is conceived in religious or non-religious terms. A varied group of religions based on spirituality are collectively known as Spiritualism


For more information, see Psychic Reading

Psychism is the development of the gift and art of being consciously psychic. Conscious psychism or pschyic reading allows the linking of the psychic mind and the mundane conscious mind in harmony and power. While most people have occasional hunches or premonitions, the true pschyic can develop the ability to see such visions to the extent that they no longer occur as happenstance, but are under the direction of the will.


For more information, see Mediumship

For more information, see Celebrated Mediums and Conjure Doctors

Mediumship is the gift of contact with spiritual entities. Many hoodoo psychics are mediumistic, and, strange to tell, so are many rootwork clients. In fact, clients with gifts for mediumship often seek out conjure doctors in the hope that they can learn how to harness their innate talents in the same way that their psychic advisers have done. While no root doctor can make a client into a medium, many gifted mediums are willing to help their clients develop their own mediumship by the process of spiritual consultation known as magical coaching. Mediumship is a regular feature of the religious services offered in Spiritualist churches.

Dream Work

For more information, see Interpretations of Dreams, Signs, and Omens

In conjure practice, there are several types of spells, prayers, and practices that fall under the heading of dream work.

Root doctors who specialize in prosperity spells and gambling luck spells can prescribe herbs, roots, incenses, oils, and other curios to clients who want to dream lucky numbers or receive visions that will lead them to make better and more inspired career and financial decisions. In these cases the root doctor does not actively attempt to contact the sleeping client, but instead opens the client's mind to the reception of beneficial dreams.

Clients who are troubled by nightmares or uneasy sleep may seek help from spiritual practitioners who can prepare traditional teas and prescribe protective prayers or other remedies utilized by many to ease difficulties that mar a restful night's sleep. In these cases the spiritual worker not only prescribes for the client but may also make an effort to stay awake while the client sleeps, usually at long distance, in order to observe, if possible, the reasons for the client's nightmares or disturbing dreams. If the worker determines through direct clairvoyance or via some means of divination that the cause of the client's trouble sleeping is an enemy attack, a negative spirit, or the fact that the client's house is haunted, the worker will then proceed to assist the client in removing the problem by appropriate spell-casting means.

Another form of dream work is that in which the conjure worker stays awake and spiritually visits the client's friends, loved ones, or enemies while they are asleep, and sends them suggestive dreams to help or harm them, as the client may direct. The root doctor may invite a reluctant lover to contact the client or tell a negative and gossipy colleague of the client to back away and leave the client alone. Of course not all spiritual workers will undertake to invade people's dreams on a client's behalf, but those who will not do the work themselves are often willing to teach such dream work to their clients by the process of spiritual consultation known as magical coaching.


For more information, see Prophecy

Prophecy is said to be a sacred dialogue with the divine that has been communicated to a person, typically called a prophet, and may be transmitted as dreams, visions, or omens. Found throughout many cultural and religious traditions the prophetic message is often conveyed in the form of guidance, warnings, symbols and parables. The task of delivering these vital messages to the people may be met with disregard or disbelief.

Mental Influence or Telepathic Spell Work

For more information, see Hypnosis Coaching, and Training

'Telepathy refers to receiving or sending impressions, feelings, or precise data at a distance through mental or spiritual effort alone. Mental Influence is a form of unspoken communication at close range or distant communication through telepathy whereby one person makes a decided impression upon the mind of another and may bring about a change in the person's state of consciousness, opinions, or even actions.

Telepathic spell casting requires that the spiritual worker have a natural gift for mentally contacting, perceiving, and communicating with or to the spirit of the targeted person. This style of spell casting, sometimes called astral work, is a development of specific talents such as clairvoyant reading, clairaudient reading, and empathic reading. The use of mental influence is frequently taught and practiced by adherents to the New Thought Movement and, when conducted in person, it may be considered a form of hypnotism.

Mental influence or astral spellwork is a useful and effective method of working by itself, but it is often used in combination with other techniques and tools, such as burning candles and incense, or working with a doll-baby. Once contact has been established with the person whom the client wishes the root doctor to influence, the worker must call the spirit and communicate a request, desire, or command. This can be done while the target is awake or asleep, and in the latter case, it also falls under the heading of dream work. Although many root doctors do prefer to make the contact while the target is sleeping, as they find it easier to insinuate their own will and thoughts into the target's unconscious mind, a powerfully gifted conjurer can send messages to the client's person of interest while he or she is awake, and the result may be surprisingly rapid.

Mental influence can also arise outside of intentional spell-casting. For example, it can have a religious origin when it is the result of angelic communication, or it can consist of demonic possession in which a non-human evil spirit inhabits the victim's mind and cause a mental breakdown.

Tools and Techniques

Magical spells to enhance spiritual and psychic gifts such as divination and prophesy are not a very commonly requested kind of spell work, except within the Spiriual Church Movement, but most rootworkers have undertaken to perform such work for themselves as they developed their own gifts and talents, and so they are often willing to share their techniques with clients who may be on their own paths to becoming readers, professional spiritual practitioners, and or Spiritual Church ministers.

Conjure doctors can prescribe herbs, roots, incenses, oils, and other curios to clients who want to find spiritual insight or to develop their inherent gifts of psychism. Some spiritual workers will also undertake to teach their own favourite spiritual and psychic techniques to their clients by the process of spiritual consultation known as magical coaching.

Spiritual spells may be employed

  • to make contact with spiritual entities such as angels
  • when personal growth is sought though the enhancement of natural gifts for prophesy
  • during attempts to gain insights into the study of occultism
  • while encouraging the development of mediumship, trance communication, and channelling
  • for the improvement of spiritual understanding of scriptural texts
  • to make one more open to the workings of synchronicity and mystical coincidences
  • to enhance one's ability to perform scrying, card reading, and other forms of divination
  • to enter into mystical awareness of higher planes or higher forms of consciousness.

Dream Work spells may be employed

Mental Influence spells may be employed

  • to work on other people's minds, whether they are awake or asleep
  • to enhance one's ability to induce a hypnotic trance in another person
  • to influence or control another person's actions through in-person or telepathic suggestion
  • to cause a person to do or say something, such as initiating contact, expressing love, or confessing to a serious crime.

These spells can be performed with the aid of candles, roots and herbs, oils, and curios believed to be efficacious in the development of spiritual powers or drawing beneficial spirits closer. Some of the curios used in occult, mystical, and spiritual spell work to perform divinations, to study occult subjects, or to enter into trance states include Spirit Guide and Indian Spirit Guide (to connect with spirit guides), Master Key (to open occult secrets), and Lucky Dream incenses (for dreaming true). White or blue candles which can be dressed with beneficial and dream-remembering herbs such a althaea (to attract good spirits), and other roots, herbs, and oils. Psychic Vision talismans or custom-made mojo bags may be worn on the body while studying or kept under the pillow while asleep.

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