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An altar for the folk saints Rey Pascual, Maximon (San Simon-Judas), Jesus Malverde, and Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez

Spirit Work is a term that covers a broad range of altar work and prayer as well as magical spell casting in which root doctors may contact or seek the aid of Spirits and Spirit Guides, Angels, Catholic Church Saints, and/or Catholic Folk Saints

Folks saints are spirits and spirit guides who have not been canonized as saintly by the Roman Catholic Church, but whose existence, legends, and assistance are well known to spiritual workers who come from Catholic traditions. Some may not be saints yet but will someday probably be sainted. Others are so outside the pale of the Catholic religion that they can never be admitted to the roster of saints. Variously known as "outsider saints," "outlaw saints," or "banned saints," some of these spirits and spirit guides may also be called upon by conjure workers who are not Catholics, but are spirit mediums or who work within a Spiritualist church tradition.

Petitioning Catholic Folk Saints

A conjure worker's healing altar features a framed portrait of the beatified folk saint Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez
Participants in a Catholic Nativity play costumed as the Three Wise Men
An altar featuring a statue of Maximon (Saint Simon-Judas)
A home altar to Santisima Muerte

Within the Catholic Church, a Catholic Church saint may be designated as a patron or patroness of particular causes or professions, or be invoked against specific illnesses or disasters. In areas where Folk Catholic customs are syncretized with Roman Catholic traditions, a local or culturally important and/or Catholic Folk Saint may also hold patronage over various facets of life, including returning lost lovers, finding lost objects, easing the burdens of the mentally ill, aiding in real estate and house-selling matters, bringing luck and money in a hurry, and ensuring a peaceful home and family life.

The following Catholic Church saints are petitioned for aid by conjure doctors and hoodoo practitioners who are Catholics, or who serve a primarily Catholic client base. Each saint has a story -- and a magical or spiritual specialty when it comes to helping people.

Click on a saint's name to read about the saint, see a picture, and find out what kinds of prayers, petitions, and spell-craft are associated with the saint among Catholic spiritual workers in the folk magic tradition.

Popular Catholic Folk Saints

Anima Sola

Anima Sola is a soul in Purgatory (Read More ...)

Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez

Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez is a contemporary beatified personage who is immensely popular in Latin America. He was a physician in life and died in 1919 while traveling to visit a poor patient in his native Venezuela. (Read More ...)

Intranquil Spirit

The Intranquil Spirit is petitioned to return a wayward lover by harassing them with restlessness. (Read More ...)

Jesus Malverde

Jesus Malverde is a Mexican folk saint who protects those who live outside the law. (Read More ...)

Maximon (San Simon-Judas)

Maximon and San Simon-Judas are the contemporary names for an ancient Mayan underworld god, Ma'am, which means "Great Grandfather". He is a destroyer of witchcraft, a guardian of agriculture and fertility, and a deity of the heavenly crossroads. (Read More ...)

Santisima Muerte

Santisima Muerte or Most Holy Death is petitioned to help keep husbands faithful, even to the point of death. (Read More ...)

The Three Magi

The Three Magi, also known as the Three Wise Men or The Three Kings -- Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar -- travelled far to visit and pay tribute to the infant Jesus and are popularly petitioned around Christmas time for gifts and for luck and for household and stable protection in the New Year. (Read More ...)

Venerable Matt Talbot

Venerable Matt Talbot is hailed as a patron of addicts and alcoholics, having ceased his own drinking through prayer in 1884 when he was 28 years old. (Read More ...)

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