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Jesus Christ holding the Holy Bible

Jesus of Nazareth, also known as God the Son and Jesus Christ, is the second member of The Holy Trinity of Christianity. The words "Christ" (from the Greek christos, meaning "anointed") and "messiah" (from the Hebrew Mashiach, "the anointed one") are terms often associated with Jesus.

Although all Christians, by definition, venerate Jesus and consider him the messiah and the source of salvation, there are differences among major Christian lineages, including the Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Spiritualist churches regarding his actual role in the cosmos. In many Christian denominations, Jesus is considered to the co-equal of JHVH, Yahweh, or Jehovah the omniscient Father-God worshipped in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. However, in some Christian denominations he is conceived as the Son of Jehovah, but not his co-equal.

The life and acts of Jesus form the major portion of the Christian scripture known as The New Testament, which forms the second division of the Holy Bible. There are a number of locally and culturally popular images of Jesus which are venerated by Christians of varied denominations.

Among the most popular and most often venerated forms of Jesus Christ are apparitions of the infant or baby Jesus, those which depict Jesus during his time as a preacher and prophet, those which show his crucifixion and death, and those which pertain to his co-rulership over the Earth with God the Father and The Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) as tri-partate members of the Holy Trinity. As an iconographical symbol, the cross, symbolizing Christ's crucifixion, is sometimes related to the symbol of the crossroads or quincunx, found in the practice of hoodoo folk-magic and African and African Diasporic religions such as Espiritismo Cruzado and Palo Monte.

Click on the name of an apparition of Jesus to read about its history, see a picture, and find out what kinds of prayers, petitions, and spell-craft are associated with Jesus among spiritual workers in the folk magic tradition of various cultures.

Jesus stands at the door and knocks
Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus Christ crucified

The Holy Family

The Holy Family is a trio of Catholic spirits, consisting of Saint Joseph, Mother Mary, and young Jesus. (Read More ... )

The Just Judge

The Just Judge is an image of the crucifixion of Jesus whose aid is sought in legal matters... (Read More ... )

Infant of Prague

The Infant of Prague is an image of the Christ Child dressed in an elaborate red robe and gold crown, whose origin was in Hungary, but who is venerated all around the world... (Read More ... )

Infant of Atocha

The Infant of Atocha, also known as Nino de Atocha, is the Christ in His aspect of a child, and is popular in Spain as well as Central and South America... (Read More ... )


Within the New Age religion of Theosophy, the Ascended Master Sananda is identified as Jesus Christ.

Working Within the Catholic Tradition

For more information, see Working Within the Catholic Tradition

The religious and magical practices of Catholic church rootworkers include specific forms of spirit work such as petitioning church saints as intercessors who carry prayers to The Holy Trinity or to Mother Mary. (Read More ...)

Working Within the Protestant Tradition

For more information, see Working Within the Protestant Tradition

Protestant Christians believe in the potential for direct access to God through His Son, Jesus. Most -- but by no means all -- Protestants also hold to Trinitarian beliefs which regard the Godhead as having three forms, that of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit. (Read More ...)

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