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Graphology is the art of character analysis through the study of handwriting

Graphology is a means of determining personality traits, moral fiber, areas of strengths and weaknesses, talents, and to some degree, physical health by examination of a subject's handwriting. It can be performed for a client, as a part of guided self-analysis and spiritual development, but it is most often performed by a handwriting analyst for a client who wishes to learn hidden or otherwise unexpressed information about the character of a friend, spouse, or potential employee.

Records of handwriting analysis for these purposes date back to the eleventh century. During the nineteenth century, graphology developed as a practice, and gained in popularity. Today graphology is a recognized method of character analysis.

Most of us learned to write by tracing over model letter-forms in school, but few of us write the way we were taught, and our variations from the standard penmanship chart demonstrate our individuality to a trained graphologist
Handwriting contains unconscious insights into a person's true nature
The most famous signature in the world: John Hancock's signature on the United Sates Declaration of Independence tells us a great deal about his character and personality, and it is so well known, that to put one's "John Hancock" on a document is a synonym for signing one's name to it

Handwriting can reveal subtle, hidden aspects of a person's nature. Most writing, even where an attempt is made to demonstrate a fine and even hand, contains many small and unconscious movements, flicks of the pen, and variations in the size and pressure of letters and spaces. These subtle markings can be examined by the trained analyst with a ruler, to establish the scale and spacing of letters; a protractor, to determine the angle of the writing; and a magnifying glass, which allows tiny unconscious variations to be considered. All of these subtle characteristics correlate to personality traits. A person's creative nature, reliability, sexual orientation, truthfulness, and degree of fulfillment or frustration in his or her life can all be evaluated by means of graphology.

Although clients often seek out graphologists for a personal character reading, the most common reason that you may wish to engage the services of a graphological hoodoo reader is to learn more about a person whom you know, whether a new acquaintance, a prospective employee, or a lover or spouse. While it was easier by far to obtain a handwriting sample before the prevalence of email as a primary mode of communication, graphology may still be employed by anyone willing to work a sneaky trick or two. Many an interested party has found it quite difficult to reply to a formal, mailed love letter with a mere text message, for instance. Claiming that you suddenly lost or misplaced your phone may provide another way to cover your sudden need for something -- anything -- to be written down on the handy pad of paper you just happen to have in your purse.

A full page of writing is best, from the standpoint of obtaining an in-depth character analysis, but if nothing more is available, even a signed check or a hastily scrawled name, address, and telephone number will give the graphologist a good deal of material with which to work.

Depending on the gifts and talents of the psychic reader or conjure doctor whom you consult, he or she may combine traditional analytical graphology with psychometry of the handwritten paper as an object.

When coupled with a hoodoo reader's psychic and rootworking gifts, graphology, with or without psychometry, can help you do more than gain insight into the person's character -- the handwriting sample itself can also be used as a personal concern for the purpose of performing altar work and prayer or casting powerful hoodoo spells, including Money Drawing Spells, Love Spells and Romance Spells, Reconciliation Spells, Marriage and Peaceful Home Spells, Protection Spells, Blessing Spells, Protecting a Marriage from Intruders, and Court Case and Legal Spells.

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