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An amethyst pendulum

A Pendulum is a weighted, well balanced, often pointed object, which is suspended from a cord, chain, or string. Pendulums are commonly made of metal, semi-precious stone, or whole roots.

Some diviners may use their own wedding rings or a favourite necklace pendant as a pendulum. The ring may be hung from a string or thread; the necklace itself is used to suspend the pendant.

If the work is being done in person, some pendulum diviners request permission to use rings or necklaces that belong to the clients for whom they are reading. Some spirit mediums have been known to use a pendulum improvised from a ring that belonged to a deceased person to establish contact and receive replies to simple questions from the land of spirit.

Many hoodoo diviners keep a favourite pendulum in a small dish on their altar, and handle it with the reverence and respect due to its function as a sacred tool.


Pendulum Readings

This brass pendulum can be used to answer "yes" or "no" questions and also may function as a tool in remote dowsing with a map
A hand-made wooden pendulum board; similar pendulum charts may be drawn or printed on paper
An old stone-mason's or surveyor's plumb bob with a line is useful when field dowsing
A faceted citrine quartz pendulum
An array of metal pendulums; some are made in two parts and can be unscrewed in order to place a small sample or witness of the material being sought inside
Even in modern times, it is still a popular family custom to use a pendulum to determine the gender of an unborn child

Pendulum Reading consists of observing the movements of the suspended pendulum in order to determine the answer to a question for the client. The reader holds the string or cord, and asks exact questions of the pendulum, after first determining which pattern of movement or which direction constitutes a "yes" or "no" answer.

The reader makes every effort to hold the suspending cord or chain steadily and without deliberately influencing the movement of the pendulum. The reaction of the pendulum to the reader's questions can be quite dramatic, with swift forward and backward or side to side swings, jittery dancing moves, or wide circles appearing suddenly.

Reading a Pendulum with a Pendulum Board

For more information, see Spirit Board Divination

Although many diviners use the pendulum "as-is" or simply suspended in the air, quite a few also (or exclusively) read the pendulum over a prepared surface. Among these surfaces, the most common is the pendulum board or chart. A pendulum board can be very simple -- for instance a cross within a circle, with the four divisions marked as yes/no and maybe/never -- or it can be as complex as a spirit board, contains all the letters of the alphabet and the numerals from zero to ten. Many such charts take the form of a half-cirle or arc along which items, colours, numbers, or conditions are listed. These are often used when the reader wants to get information on an open-ended subject, one that cannot be reduced to a s "ye" or "no" answer.

Field Dowsing, Map Dowsing, and Remote Dowsing with a Pendulum

For more information, see Dowsing, Doodlebugging, or Water Witching

Field dowsers who work with a pendulum often prefer to use a common surveyor's or stone mason's brass pendulum in their work. These can be found al all hardware stores, and many are made with a screw-on cap through which the line is strung, enabling the dowser to insert a "witness sample" in the pendulum, helping it to attune to whatever is being sought in the field.

Readers who are gifted at Map Dowsing can suspend a pendulum over a graph, map, or chart of some kind, and by asking very specific questions, can determine quite specific answers. This form of pendulum reading is usually considered to be a form of Map Dowsing, Doodlebugging, or Water Witching.

A similar type of pendulum dowsing is called Remote Dowsing. It differs from Map Dowsing in that the reader does not use a map. Instead a mental visualization may be used or some other cue may tune the reader in to the remote or distant location. This is usually considered to be a remote form of Dowsing, Doodlebugging, or Water Witching.

Some readers make use of special hollow pendulums for this work. The pendulum bob is unscrewed and a a small physical sample or "witness" of the type of object or the person being sought is inserted. The pendulum is screwed closed and its movements are subjected to questioning or are read over a map or other suitable representative of the "ground" against which the search is being conducted.

A hollow pendulum that can contain a witness sample may also be used to study the life and emotions of a distant friend, relative, or loved one. In this sense, the pendulum and witness sample function similarly to a Jack Ball that has been made around a physical token of the person.

Pendulum Reading a Baby's Gender

Before the advent of sonograms, it was common for pregnant women to consult a diviner who used a pendulum to determine the sex of her unborn child. The practice is still found among those in whose families it is a long-standing tradition.

The pregnant mother lies down or leans back comfortably. Her wedding ring is removed, threaded through a cord or string and suspended over her belly from the diviner's hand. If the ring moves in a distinct circle, the baby is a girl; if it moves up and down or back and forth in a line, it is a boy.

This form of gender-divination, which can also be performed with a pendulum or even a threaded needle in the absence of a wedding ring, is similar to Dowsing, Doodlebugging, or Water Witching with a pendulum in that the mother's belly is the "territory" and the fetus is the "hidden object." However, unlike in Dowsing, the baby is known to be in the location and what is being asked is actually a "yes" or "no" question about gender.


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