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Interpreting candle flames
Candle Wax Reading, also known as Ceromancy or Wax Reading, is a type of prediction in which candles burned on an altar during worship, spell-casting with candles, or divination are interpreted for clients by the way that they burn, the shapes that wax makes as it pools and runs, and how the spent vigil glass appears during and after the candle burning.

Capnomancy or Smoke Reading refers to divination by smoke. There are basically two types of capnomancy: Reading the "live" or moving smoke of a wood fire or incense by scrying the smoke, and reading smoke marks as static images on a plate or in a candle glass.

Static capnomancy is performed by burning something -- generally candles, matches, oil lamps, wood, or incense -- and passing an article such as a white plate or an inverted drinking glass or cup through the smoke or letting the smoke accumulate. Alternatively, the fire may be lit inside a narrow container in the container such as a glass lamp chimney or a candle glass. The smoke and soot marks left on the plate, cup, lamp chimney, or drinking glass are then divined as images, somewhat in the manner of reading tea leaves or coffee grounds or Nordic egg divination.

Candle-Glass Reading is a specific type of candle reading in which a glass-encased candle -- sometimes called a jar candle, novena candle, or vigil light -- is burned for the client's desired outcome and the root doctor reads the traces of smoke, soot, and wax left in the glass jar after the candle goes out. Reading marks in smoke and soot is called Capnomancy or Smoke reading, and reading wax remains is called Ceromancy, so the combined reading of smoke and wax remains in a glass-encased candle is called Capno-Ceromancy or Candle-Glass Reading. The marks on the glass, made both by smoke or by wax, are interpreted as foretelling the course of the client's wishes coming true or spells coming to pass.

Pyromancy, also called Fire Gazing or Fire Divination, is a method of foretelling the future in which the diviner stares intently into flames or burning coals in order to catch a glimpse of things to come. Although it is loosely related to candle reading and candle glass reading, it is actually a form of scrying or visionary reading.


Candle Flame and Wax Divination

When freestanding wax candles burn and melt, they often leaves traces such as this cascade of "tears," indicating that someone will cry before the spell succeeds
An uncrossing glass vigil candle burning black, indicating that there is active opposition to the work

An observant psychic reader can learn many things from the way a client's candle burns. If the flame is hot and high, the work is proceeding quickly; if it burns low and almost goes out, there is not a lot of spiritual force behind the job, and if it gives off clouds of thick, black smoke, an enemy is opposing the work.

Once the candle on the altar has finished burning, the reader may employ Candle Wax Divination to analyze patterns made with, by, and in wax. Candle wax can create various pictures and patterns of flow and design, which can be interpreted, giving information about the nature of the problem being addressed by the candle burning, the likelihood of success, and the obstacles being faced.

There are another form of wax divination, in which the seer allows drops of molten wax to fall into sand or water. The shapes formed are then interpreted in a manner somewhat akin to that employed during a tea leaf reading.

Candle Glass Divination

Spiritual workers who perform fixed or moving candle spells often choose to burn glass-encased candles such as 7-day or religious vigil lights. Divinatory information may be obtained by noting the patterns made on the glass by the candles as they burn.

Wax and soot, along with other substances with which the candle may have been prepared, such as herbs, roots, minerals, or glitter, may be deposited on the inside of the glass jar and left behind as the candle burns down. Sometimes insects fly into a burning candle and are killed, leaving their bodies as markers within the glass. Additionally, on candles with paper labels, the label may char or burn, revealing a symbolic disruption in the picture or text, which is thus called to the root doctor's attention.

Often shapes, numbers, and other symbols can be seen both along the sides of the glass candles and collected in their bottoms. These images may form in the smoke or soot of the candle, or they may be comprised of herbs or glitter, in which case they can be read in a manner similar to the methods that tea leaf readers use when they interpret the bits of herbs left in a tea cup.

In rare cases, the candle glass may crack or even explode. When it does, wax may pour onto the altar from the break, and it may also form patterns of spattering that can be interpreted by a gifted hoodoo psychic.

By reading these and other such signs, your rootworker may be able to give you both a spell and a psychic reading or divination at the same time.

In performing psychic readings on glass candle containers that have been burned on an altar, most hoodoo rootworkers take note of when the light was started, how many days it burned, how much or little debris and soot remained on the glass holder, and how much wax was consumed before the candle burned out. These marks and patterns are analyzed by the worker, who is able to interpret from them various signs about the probability of the outcome of the work, and about the resistance or opposition being faced by the person for whom the candle is being burned.

Long Distance and In Person Candle Glass Interpretation

Most candle workers provide interpretations of the way that the candle spells they perform on behalf of clients turn out, but self-taught spiritual practitioners also burn their own candles or set lights for themselves at home, and they may not be experienced or gifted enough to interpret the signs they find in the burned-out candle wax or the remains left in the glass container of a spent vigil light.

If a photograph of the candle glass is provided or you come by in person, your spiritual advisor may be able to schedule a reading in which he or she will interpret the wax remnants or the clouds or soot left in the glass containers of any vigil lights you have set at home for yourself as part of your own spell-casting for love, luck, money, protection, binding, or cursing.


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