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A Jewish incantation bowl against the incursions of the demon Lilith

Jewish folk magic, also known as Yiddish folk magic, began in ancient times and developed as sophisticated practices with and alongside the historic adventures many of the of the figures of the Bible. While many people use the term "Kabbalah" as a catch-all to describe the varieties of Jewish occult and folk magic, this is not accurate, as the Kabbalah, which is part of the Jewish grimoire tradition, represents a scholarly and mystical approach to the supernatural. Jewish folk magic, on the other hand is both ancient and colloquial in its expression, and can unquestionably be documented in the vast number of amulets, rituals and magical formulas found in the almost 300,000 texts collected in the Cairo Geniza and in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

An apotropaic blue hamsa hand wall hanging with an eye in the palm, to ward off the evil eye and protect the home; at top and center is the Hebrew word "chai," which means "life." and also symbolizes the number 18

Since ancient times Judaism has had its own magical traditions. Some are original to Judaism and some practices reflect influences by outside cultures absorbed by the Diaspora of Jews as they were dispersed across Europe and North Africa. The Diaspora allowed Jews of the Middle Ages to observe and collect a diverse body information from many different lands.

Because Jews in Europe had a wide knowledge base, strong academic values, exotic-appearing traditions, and no hierarchically enforced proscriptions against folk magic, non-Jews tended to look upon Jews as sorcerers, physicians, numerologists and amulet makers par excellence. This was, of course, when all of those roles were filled by the same person -- a knowledgeable person, a learned person, a “rabbi." While today the word “rabbi” is synonymous with a religious leader who is similar to a priest or pastor, it is actually derived from the word for “great one” and is a title achieved through scholarly study. While religious expertise was implied, it was only because at that time religion treated as the same body of knowledge as folk medicine and folk magic. In the Jewish system of belief, diseases were often said to be caused by demons and the preparation of magical cures reflected victory in the struggle against the forces of malevolence.

Examples of Jewish folk magic include but are not limited to: divination, exorcisms, healing, foretelling the future, dowsing, blessings, cursing, defense against spiritual attack, love magic, dream interpretation, numerology, astrology, communications with angels and necromancy.

Practitioners of Jewish folk magic may create spells, rituals, altars, amulets, talismans and charms, for love, health (illness, insomnia and pain, for example), winning at court cases, relationships, prosperity, strengthening intelligence, mental fortitude and courage, safe travel, victory, fertility and impotence as well as protection from demons, evil entities, Yetzer ha-Ra, warding off and reversing the evil eye, jinxes and curses, and preventing accidents that involve fire and drowning.

Jewish folk magic is not just a thing of the past. Those trained in this form of work are available for consultations and to perform spells, make amulets, and prescribe cures -- and, as in Medieval times, they generally serve both Jews and non-Jews alike.


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