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Folk Faith Ministries of Western North Carolina, founded in 2022, is a member church of the Association of Independant Spiritual Churches.

We are an interfaith non-discriminatory ministry which is inclusive to all spiritual and religious paths, races, genders, and sexual orientations.

We believe each and every individual has a personal connection with the other-worldly divine presence. Through preserving and teaching of the worlds various folk beliefs we strive to help each and every person nourish and strengthen that inherent connection in all of us.

Nestled in the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina, our chapel has many shrines to both local nature spirits as well as both widly-known and obscure deities. All shrines are cared for and tended by resident pastors, Reverend James and Reverend Art.

Formally trained in energy healing systems such as Reiki; folk magic practicies such as Druidism, Wicca, and rootwork; psychic reading techniques such as tarot, Chinese astrology, and mediumship; and many more spiritual avenues, the pastors at Folk Faith Ministiries are well-equipped and connected to assist clients in various religious traditions and esoteric practices.

Shrine with Guan Yin, Buddha Shakyamuni, Medicine Buddha, Lama Tsongkhapa and Vajrasattva
Shrine to Cai Shen, Ganesha, and Lakshmi
Shrine to Saint Cyprian with crystal ball and wishing cauldron
Shrine to Saint Expedite with a palm leaf

Shrines to the following spiritual entities are housed at Folk Faith Ministiries: Jesus, Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Expedite, Saint Cyprian, Cai Shen, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Buddha Shakyamuni, Guan Yin, Medicine Buddha, Vajrasattva, Hotei Buddha, Lama Tsongkhapa, Santisima Muerte, Black Hawk, Jesus Malverde, Jose Gregorio Hernandez, and Pan.

We offer a vigil candle service to our clients. Our fire-proof outdoor candle burning shrine houses many vigil candles burned for client conditions. We also make deity and spirit offerings on behalf of clients such as water, food, incense, candles, and more.

Read more about us at our Folk Faith Ministries website.

Contact Information

Reverend James

Reverend Art

Folk Faith Ministries
Western North Carolina

Hours: Our private chapel is not open to visitors.

Please note that the chapel is located in North Carolina in the Eastern Time Zone. Please keep the time change in mind when booking an appointment.

Our Services

Readings and Spiritual Consultations:

Personal readings with Reverend James or Reverend Art.

  • 30 minute pre-scheduled reading, consultation, or magical coaching: $50
  • 60 minute pre-scheduled reading, consultation, or magical coaching: $100
  • Email Readings and Astrology by special arrangement

Candle Services:

We offer hundreds of different types of vigil candles, both religious and folkloric.

  • Long Distance Candle Services with Petitions and Prayers: $30

Conjure and Rootwork Services:

The Forgive and Forget Ritual and Honey Jars can also be found in Deacon Millett's books.

  • Rootwork Spells and Rituals: $100-$555



“Fantastic reading with James. He was able to see things later I saw to be true. His intuition was right on. I also appreciate his compassion for my issue and professionalism.” - A.H.

“Wonderful, as always! The [Rev’s] reading is quite fascinating! I highly recommend! So many details!” - S.W.

“[James] is very helpful and knowledgeable about what he does. He answers all your question with great detail so you can understand better. I recommend.” - R.N.

“I honestly was looking for a good bone reader. So pleased!” - L.S

I don’t trust a lot of people, but I trust [Reverend] Art. [Meeting through a mutual employer and] being of similar minds we talk magick often. When I’m in need, he has come through. Art has worked or interceded on my behalf three times [in situations] concerning my children and my wellbeing. {Recently} my teenage [daughter] and grown [son] had an argument. My daughter disengaged from her brother. Feeling I’d sided [against] her disengaged [from] me. Her walking away from me triggered some dark issues I thought I’d dealt with. The anxiety and depression [from this situation] sapped every ounce of [my] will. I was consumed by fear she’d never talk to me again. I didn’t care about food. I stopped listening to music. My laugh left me. I can’t remember ever being that low. Needing a friendly voice and support I called Art. [He] listened and formulated a plan. Asking very measured questions, he established what I’d already done (a sugar jar, prayers, and chanting, etc.) and confirmed my instinct to work a doll baby to love and cajole in my daughter’s absence. He started a blockbuster followed by a communication vigil. The next day the air felt different when I woke up. I was confused by it but then it hit me: Art. I gradually came back to my own mind and no longer felt I was a danger to myself. The day after this energy shift happened, I turned on the radio in my car and wasn’t annoyed. My smile started to reemerge. I made the doll baby and started working it. Within a week my child was talking to me again. I found out Art had done [a distance energy healing] after we got off the phone. It allowed me to feel while releasing the oppression of [the situation]. I could breathe again. Art’s blockbuster and communication workings allowed us to come together to find a way forward. It’s no exaggeration saying the energy working he did legitimately saved my life. I know he will be there as my child and I continue to try to heal. I would recommend his work, his counsel, and his insight to anyone in need. Truly a talented and inventive, cunning person! -- C.O.

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