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Frigga, accompanied by Valkyries, , 19th century chromolithographic trade card advertising Liebig Beef Extract, artist unknown

Frigga, Frigg, or Frika, also known as Hlin, is the wife of Odin. She is one of the noble goddesses of the North and is a protective goddess of childbirth and household. Her name means "The lovable" and she is the mother of Baldr, Hermod and Hödr. She excels in seership and prophecy and is considered as the wisest of the goddesses where even the All-father, Odin asks her advice. Spirit-workers call upon Frigga for help in marriages and love.

Frigga is also the protector of marriages and equality in marriage. Her dwelling place is in her own palace called, Fensalar as she is the queen of Asgaard. In the sagas it said that she has nine female servants, the most well known being Fulla who is Frigga's messenger and who knows all her secrets. Eir is also close to Frigga as well as Gefjon and Vår.

Frigga is a weaver and spinner who excels at handicrafts and she is also associated with the spinning-wheel, a tool that also is connected with the Norns when they spin the fates of men. Frigga can also see the destinies of man. The time of the year associated with Frigga is Spring. In the North, this is a time where birds like cranes and geese are returning from the Southern hemisphere. Her colours are blue and white and her day is Friday. She may be depicted at her loom, or seated on a throne which is Odin's high seat, holding her distaff. Her spinning wheel is also another name for the constellation of Orion's belt.

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