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Many of the Associates of AIRR are available for instant readings through HoodooPsychics.com
HoodooPsychics.com is a proud sponsor of the Association of the Independent Readers and Rootworkers and the AIRR web site. A portion of the cost of every psychic reading booked through HoodooPsychics.com is donated to support the non-profit work of AIRR and The Crystal Silence League.

HoodooPsychics.com is also a sponsor of the annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival.

HoodooPsychics.com is the first telephone psychic hotline run by traditional rootworkers and two-headed doctors, and the only psychic phone service operated by the ethical and gifted hoodoo psychics of AIRR -- individuals who will not only read for you but can offer you powerful spell-casting and hoodoo remediation.

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See who is online, read about our psychics, and click a link to be connected with the available reader of your choice.

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If you know your favourite psychic's extension, just phone us and enter the extension number to be instantly connected.

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If you are looking for authentic and reliable psychic readings and spiritual consultations, check out HoodooPsychics.com, where you will be able to connect with compassionate readers and psychics who can use their spiritual gifts in tarot, crystal balls, psychic reading, spirit mediumship and other forms of divination to help answer your questions and transform your life.

The AIRR logo is your assurance that the psychic reader or rootworker you contact is a certified and accredited professional.
The Hoodoo Psychics telephone line is owned and operated by authentic root doctors and spiritual workers who can perform powerful spell-casting services on your behalf
The Hoodoo Psychics are just a phone call away
Hoodoo Psychics is a service provided by real psychic readers and rootworkers who have joined together to offer authentic readings and ethical spell-casting services to clients world-wide

Hoodoo Psychics as Associates of AIRR

Most of the psychic readers affiliated with HoodooPsychics.com are Associates of the Association of the Independent Readers and Rootworkers. Each of these talented readers and rootworkers has graduated from catherine yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, and has been personally tested, selected, and approved by the Board of Bishops of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. As a condition for inclusion in the Hoodoo Psychics directory, all practitioners have had several years of experience working for clients as readers and rootworkers, and have agreed to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of AIRR.

The Association of the Independent Readers and Rootworkers web site was developed as an educational and spiritual outreach program of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, and as a means of giving clients access to reputable spiritual services. HoodooPsychics.com carries on this tradition by offering clients a psychic telephone hotline service where they can consult with reputable individuals. In addition, a portion of every fee you pay for a psychic reading booked through HoodooPsychics.com goes to support the free public outreach work of the Association of the Independent Readers and Rootworkers and The Crystal Silence League free online prayer service.

Hoodoo Psychics Are Also Root Doctors

Unlike other psychic and tarot phone lines, the affiliates of HoodooPsychics.com are also skilled root doctors and spirit-workers who can help remediate your problems by offering magical consultations, or take on your case and perform spellcasting services on your behalf.

All of the affiliates of HoodooPsychics.com have had years of experience offering rootwork and spellcasting services for clients and in addition to offering psychic readings they can empower you by walking you through step-by-step instructions on how to solve your conditions, or may be able to take on your case and perform powerful spell-casting on your behalf to achieve your desires and dreams.

Hoodoo Psychics: A Spiritual Service

HoodooPsychics.com is not operated by a large "entertainment" corporation like the other psychic phone lines, but rather by actual readers and rootworkers. This arrangement ensures that clients are served by authentic spiritual workers, readers, and root doctors and not dealt with by a big business looking to make a fast buck.

The affiliates of HoodooPsychics.com are available for a flat low-end per-minute rate, providing significant benefits to clients, who are free to speak directly to real, spirit-led hoodoo psychics. When you call Hoodoo Psychics, you know you have reached a group of caring spiritual practitioners, not an ever-shifting roster of unknown call-center responders who report back to a corporation that ranks its contractors' "popularity" by the amount of profits they bring to the company. HoodooPsychics.com is a spiritual service, offered with care and compassion by genuine seers, diviners, conjure workers, and root doctors, for the good of all.

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