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The Crystal Silence League is a world-wide non-denominational prayer chain

The Crystal Silence League is an international prayer chain or network founded in 1919 to distribute affirmative prayer and helpful thoughts to all in need. Under the sponsorship of the churches within the Association of Independent Spiritual Churches, members of the CSL continue this work in the spirit of joyful anticipation that YOU will be graced with all you require and desire in the way of spiritual blessings.

Dedicants of the Crystal Silence League -- including many of the psychic readers and conjure rootworkers of AIRR -- send thoughts and prayers of joy, health, strength, love, success, and protection to all, and, in turn, receive the fruits of mutually supported affirmations and prayers.

As the Earth speeds and spins around the Sun, so do the hours succeed one another around this busy globe. As one mind finishes the prayer, another takes it up, always moving Westward, steadily Westward, a torch of Mind passed in a relay-race of Love and Purpose and Will. Catch the thoughts arising from your East each morning; send your thoughts to those abiding West of you each night.

"Secrets of the Crystal Silence League" by Claude Alexander Conlin, a circa 1919 New Thought instruction manual compiled, edited, and updated by Catherine Yronwode and Deacon Millett
The business card of the The Crystal Silence League -- an invitation to prayer

Members of the Crystal Silence League from all over the world will pray for you, morning, noon and night. Whenever a dedicant of the League sees your prayer online and holds you in thought or prints your prayer request to use as a focal point for work with the Crystal Ball, you will receive a brief email that tells you "The Crystal Silence League Has Prayed for You!"

Visitors: Submit your Prayer Request by clicking the "Enter Your Prayer Request" link below.

Members: When you pray for supplicants online or print their prayers out to place beneath your Crystal Ball, click the link below that says, "Click here to tell [Name] you prayed" and a brief email will be sent to them from this site, informing them that a dedicant of the Crystal Silence League is praying for them. Lift them up and let them know you care!

Remember, James 5:16 says, "...pray one for another that you may be healed."

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The Crystal SIlence League Hour is a weekly LMC Radio Network podcast sponsored by AIRR and hosted by Jon Saint Germain, "The Voice of the Crystal SIlence League. Read all about our weekly schedules and learn about the hosts of our shows--

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All of our radio shows are archived for podcast playback, so if you can't listen live, you can catch us in the archive.

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