Our Lady of Grace

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Our Lady of Grace standing on the crescent moon

Our Lady of Grace is a depiction of the Virgin Mary humbly dressed in simple white and pale blue, offering her love and help to all. As a statue, this image of the Virgin that is found in many Roman Catholic Churches and homes in Italy, North America, Australia, and India. Her name, which derives from a prayer that begins, "Hail, Mary, full of grace...", has also been given to many parochial schools. In the form of Our Lady of Grace, the Virgin Mary bestows healing, forgiveness, comfort, and blessings upon the faithful.

Our Lady of Grace is petitioned in times of need, and when asking for intercession, forgiveness, and mercy. To those who venerate her, she is a balm of healing in times of darkness. Catholic spirit-workers and root doctors call upon Our Lady of Grace for divine intercession in times of need, blessing, and forgiveness.

She is one of the few apparitions of the the Virgin Mary who is not depicted holding the Christ Child. Instead she stands celestially alone upon the globe of the Earth and the crescent Moon, sometimes treading upon a snake. She wears a blue cloak over a white gown that is cinched with a blue sash. Her hands are downstretched, and rays of light pour forth from her fingers. Her hair is loose beneath a white scarf and her head is circled by a crown of stars.

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