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Sekhmet also known as Sakhmet is the fierce, protective and sometimes vindictive goddess that personifies the scorching power of the Sun God Ra. She is depicted as a lioness-headed woman, and is one of the goddesses known as the Eye of Ra. She is propitiated both to ward off sickness that are caused by her messengers, and for healing as well – One of her titles is “Great One of Healing” and physicians were often priests of Sekhmet. Also, as the Udjat Eye of Ra, she is offered incense when approaching a temple shrine as a way to assure her that the priests’ intentions are good, and that they do not threaten the god within. Sekhmet has a gentler counterpart in the cat-headed goddess Bastet. Originally, Bastet and Sekhmet were both lion-goddesses, but as Sekhmet's reputation grew, Bastet's role transformed to that of docile cat-goddess.

In the myth of the Rebellion of Mankind, Sekhmet is sent to destroy humans who have rebelled against Ra. In doing this, she becomes so furious that she goes too far and Ra worries that she will destroy mankind completely in her bloodlust. So Ra instructs men to bring large amounts of beer and mix in a red colored herb so that it resembles blood. Then they spread the beer across the fields. Sekhmet sees the red beer, drinks it and becomes drunk, forgetting her wish to continue killing. This event was celebrated each year in a festival of drunkenness.

Sekhmet’s consort is Ptah, and their son is Nefertem (Nefertum). She often wears a red dress, and is called “Lady of Red Linen”. Other titles are "Lady of Life", "Lady of Fear", "Lady of Flame", "She who overthrows Enemies", "Mighty Hearted," and "Protector." Her primary temple was in Memphis, the old capitol of Egypt, but temples and shrines dedicated to her were spread throughout the country. Many magical spells are recorded that ward off sickness by appeasing Sekhmet and her messengers. Sekhmet is a dangerous goddess whose protection was sought after and whose wrath was avoided and appeased. She is a powerful protector and a force of vengeance.

Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who practice in the North African religion of ancient Egypt or contemporary Kemetic Neo-Paganism, and who call upon the netjeru on behalf of clients, may petition Sekhmet for matters of revenge, destruction, and to ward off illness.

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