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Watariamba takes aim with his bow

Watariamba (also known as Vence Batalla) is the mpungo who rules over hunting, animals and justice. He is associated with defense, hunting magic and spells against injustice.

Vence Batalla, Watariamba’s common Spanish-language name, means "conquers the battle," a reference to his powerful defensive magic. Vence Batalla is a clever, skilled marksman. His arrow always hits the mark, and he fiercely defends his worshippers. He is often petitioned to counter magical attacks, to win court cases, or when an injustice has occurred. His colors are blue and yellow; his ritual numbers are 3 and 7. Animal sacrifice is used to propitiate Watariamba within Congo-derived religions. Altar offerings for Vence Batalla include pears, grapes, and anisette liqueur. His offerings are usually left in the wilderness.

In the syncretic practices of Palo Monte, in which mpungos are associated with Catholic Church saints, the representative of Watariamba is Saint Norbert. Because of their shared traits, Vence Batalla is sometimes syncretized with the orisha Ochosi. Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who are adherents of the Palo Religion and who petition the mpungos on behalf of clients may petition Vence Batalla for protection, court cases, legal issues, cleansing, road opening, and reversing.


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