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I am here to honor and glorify Spirit and I believe that you are too.

My strongest quality as an intuitive reader and folk magician is not my deep understanding or my deft hand with prayer and ritual -- it's the fact that I am 100% invested in every single one of my clients. I believe that each of us has a unique and divine purpose in this world -- I want to help you find and fulfill yours!

Sometimes we get stuck on our path towards divine purpose and grace -- we may suffer from a broken heart or a marriage in need of blessing, we may experience financial issues that keep us unable to get ahead. Perhaps we simply need some cleansing and soul care in order to have true success. As a hereditary spiritual counselor who learned the tools of the trade at her mother's knee, I will help you cut to the quick of what is blocking you or keeping you down. I offer practical, spiritual, and magical advice to help you create your best, most precious life.

Descending from Baptist preachers on one side and successful pioneers and businesspeople on the other, I grew up in a Texas family of mixed cultures that includes Scotch-Irish, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Mexican, and Jewish roots – and I have direct experience with these folk magic and storytelling traditions. The elements of traditional conjure have always been familiar to me, and I have continued learning and working in various other folk magic traditions throughout my life.

The magic of fire is timeless and honey is heavenly. I set 100% beeswax devotional candles for clients all over the world. Invoking the spirit of my grandfather and the Psalms I prepare a line of Old Time Gospel oils, magical powders, spiritual baths, and herb mixes. I hand make mojo hands, charms, and protective talismans, hand sew doll babies, and help facilitate contact with ancestors and divine spirits. Custom altar work is available to clients after I have read for their situation. I have always been sought out for my fine hand in restoring love relationships, blessing marriages and homes, generating financial stability and abundance, career goal setting, court case work, dream interpretation.

I set devotional candles for clients all over the world; each candle is 100% beeswax, blessed and dressed with a unique blend of oils created for the client's situation and prayed over by me
Doll babies can be filled with magical love drawing roots and herbs and set to work for you
Lord Ganesh is a Hindu God petitioned for the removal of obstacles; in this case an Indian client wished for an easy birth for her first child and Ganesh came through for her!
Love, romance, marriage blessing, and reconciliation work are some of my most popular and sought after services; I love a happy ending
Every year I make pilgrimages to sacred sites and shrines; when clients request me to light candles or make offerings on their behalf, I am happy to serve
A marriage blessing ritual, aided and made successful by the grace and mercy of Our Lady of Guadalupe

I hold a B.A. and M.A. in Eastern and Western classics, philosophy, mathematics and science, and I'm a student of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. I am a graduate of Miss Cat Yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course and her hands-on apprenticeship program. I have also trained with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés of the Institute of Cross Cultural Studies.

I am a writer, storyteller, spiritual counselor, ritualist, and founder of the Sacred Arts Academy, where I teach students practical methods of Prayer, Blessing and Meditation, Ritual and Ceremony, Divination, Dreams and Astrology, Magic and Alchemy, Cleansing and Purification, Right Relationship, and Lineage and Legacy.

I have taught at the annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops and at conferences with over 10,000 participants. I am the author of "Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary," and "Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology." I am one of the founding members of AIRR, a long-time member of the AIRR Tech Team, and I have written and contributed to many of the pages at the AIRR web site.

Life is short and incredibly precious. Don't waste your time with second rate solutions -- I am here to be of service and I want to help you! Contact me today so that we can get started making miracles and magic together.

You may read more about me at my Briana Saussy website.

Contact Information

Miss Bri Saussy
P.O. Box 90706
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Hours: Monday-Thursday 4:00 AM - 2:00 PM; closed Fridays and weekends

Please note that I am located in the Central Time Zone in Texas. I appreciate your taking any time differences into consideration when you call.

I am also available for instant calls when I am online at Hoodoo Psychics. My extension number is lucky 1313.

How to Pay for and Schedule an Appointment with Me

You may book my psychic reading services via email, using Paypal, Zelle, VenMo, or your credit card as payment methods:

Book a psychic reading, spiritual counselling, conjure consultation, or hoodoo rootwork services with Miss Bri

You may book my services and arrange payment via email to schedule an appointment for my services.


Readings and Spiritual Consultations:

  • Clarity Call Email consultation with 3 questions: $75.00
  • Caller-initiated reading via Hoodoo Psychics: $3.99 per minute

Rootwork and Conjure:

  • Beeswax devotional vigil candles: $55.00
  • Rootwork: priced by job, client, and situation; I require an intuitive comprehensive reading for assessment before any rootwork.

Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice

Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwork, and Spell-Casting

Client Condition and Situation Specialties

Religious and Cultural Traditions

Outreach and Public Service



"If you are looking for a real life miracle worker, Bri is the one you want to see – NOW.” Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady

"I wanted to let you know that after taking your advice in our reading, I got a job today that is better than I could have hoped for, doing something I'll enjoy and will actually make a difference and pay more in a weekend than my ex makes in a month." E.C., WA

"I have been working with Miss Bri for two years and she is always prompt. She gives you great information and keeps you in the know so you are not sitting and waiting to know when your ritual work will be performed. Recently she crafted a beautiful Prosperity Mirror Box for me-I asked to be a successful business woman and entrepreneur, to have the Midas touch and to always have finances when I need them. In my first month I was given a raise and a promotion and my boss admitted that it was given early, but he he felt compelled to give it to me early..." Tabatha Trotter

“Bri Saussy keeps my magic + mojo in line and ON FIRE” Erika Lyremark

“I felt compelled to let you know how your wonderful Personal Empowerment work is manifesting. I reached out to you because I needed help with certain conditions, shyness, lack of confidence, strength and courage. Today I had a really important meeting which I was asked to lead. Of course I was nervous about it, so the night before I worked that Triple Strength WOMAN mojo hand you sent me ( crazy awesome btw, it gives me a head rush like it’s opening a hole in my face – in a good way whenever I rest it between my eyebrows). Let me tell you, I normally sweat, stutter, lose my train of thought, but not this time. I was calm, organized, confident, told jokes and smiled a lot. The meeting went very well and even received compliments from directors who attended. Gone is the timid, reserved, fearful person I used to be. I love it! You are truly gifted. I couldn’t have done this without you!” G.G. New York, New York

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