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Lord Lanto in his incarnation as Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor; artist unknown

Lord Lanto is an Ascended Master in the New Age tradition. He is called the Chohan, or Master, of the Second Ray, the vibration of which appears as a golden yellow color. This ray emanates understanding, good judgment, illumination, and discernment, helping humanity to expand the higher mind to welcome in and understand the wisdom imparted by the Universe, bringing profound peace and guidance with this knowledge. He is a master to mystics and truth-seekers, showing the path of fulfillment through enlightenment, clarity of thought, and control over the crown chakra, and can be petitioned for assistance -- traditionally on Sundays -- by any who feel lost and struggling with ambiguity in life or those endeavoring to master new, difficult concepts or skills. From his heavenly post, Lanto is dedicated to guiding every individual toward illumination and understanding, working with individuals or groups when his name is called. He is a gentle teacher with intense respect and love for humanity, and he cares for everyone as though they were members of his family. His primary goal is to aid humanity in the process of ascension. Through meditation, he teaches seekers how to draw the light from the heart-center and raise it to the crown chakra, to achieve the enlightenment of Buddha and Christ Consciousness.

Many in the New Age Movement believe Lord Lanto accomplished more throughout his earthly incarnations than any other Ascended Master. Before recorded history, Lanto volunteered to join Sanat Kumara, the Regent of Earth and humanity, to come to Earth for the guidance of the planet and its evolutions. Theosophical devotees state he was a high priest in the temple of the Divine Mother on the continent known as Lemuria which sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean in approximately 10,000 BCE. He then incarnated in Atlantis before its destruction in approximately 9,600 BCE. Lord Lantos’ next embodiments were in China, a highly controversial claim, because New Age adherents believe that he incarnated as several revered -- and historical -- personages of Chinese royalty. They first identify him with Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, also known as the Third (of Five) Legendary Emperors, who ruled during the 27th and 26th centuries BCE. Huang Di is credited with promoting China's change from a nomadic hunting society to pastoral life, with permanent shelters, domesticated animals, the cultivation of silkworms, and the cultivation of millet, rice, adzuki beans, wheat, and barley -- the sacred Five Grains. Huang Di is also said to have invented carts, boats, clothing, bricks, throne rooms, and the bow sling, and to have devised math calculations, tables of weights and measures, new forms of music, martial arts techniques, astronomy, the lunar calendar, divination by means of the I Ching, the code of sound laws, and an early form of football called cuju. He also devised Chinese bureacracy, deviding the country into ten provines, each province into ten departments, each department into ten districts, and each district into twen tows. New Age adherents then claim that in the 11th century BCE Lord Lanto reincarnated as Zhou Gong, also known as Dan, Duke Wen of Zhou, or the Duke of Chou, who is credited with compiling the first organized treatise on medicinal practices, and writing an important dream divination manual, "Zhou Gong's Explanations of Dreams." As the architect of the Chou dynasty (1046 BCE to 256 BCE), Zhou Gong was one of the most renowned statesmen in China’s history. According to the Summit Lighthouse, founded by the former Theosophists and members of the I AM Movement Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the final incarnation of Lanto was as Duke Xiang of Lu, who ruled China during the 6th century BCE and was the teacher of the venerated Confucius whose studies examined the life and accomplishments of the Duke of Chou.

As venerated in the New Age Movement, Lord Lanto is said to have held the golden flame of illumination on behalf of the Chinese people for many centuries. This flame is now anchored over central China in the spiritual retreat of the Archangels Jophiel and Christine. From the 19th century onward, Lanto has faithfully supported Ascended Master Saint Germain in efforts to liberate humanity by circulating the teachings of the I AM Presence and the violet flame. He typically is depicted as a man with Asian features. He may be shown as Huang Di, The Yellow Emperor; as Zhou Gong, the Duke of Chou; as Duke Xiang of Lu; or as generically benevolent Chinese man. He may wear the historical robes, hairstyles, and headdresses of any of these figures of historical Chinese royalty, or he may wear a magua, a Manchurian-style jacket, and changshan, a traditional Manchurian robe, with a black-skull cap, which his followers say he calls his "modern dress."


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