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Ngurufinda is the mpungo of all plants and witchcraft

Ngurufinda (also known as Gurufinda) is the mpungo who rules over all herbs and plants and their use in magic. He is associated with the wilderness and spell crafting.

Ngurufinda is the embodiment of all plant life. He is often depicted as a horribly disfigured, lame man. He is a powerful witch doctor and a crafty spell weaver. He is a powerful ally in magical work, but a terrifying enemy to have. His colors are nine different colors and his ritual number is 7. Animal sacrifice is used to propitiate Ngurufinda within the Congo-derived religions. Altar offerings for Ngurufinda include toasted corn, cigars, and peppered rum (chamba). His offerings are usually left in the wilderness.

In the syncretic practices of Palo Monte, in which African mpungos are associated with Catholic Church saints, the representative of Ngurufinda is Saint Sylvester. Because of their shared traits, Ngurufinda is sometimes syncretized with the orisha Osain. Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who are adherents of the Palo Religion and who petition the mpungos on behalf of clients may petition Ngurufinda for any magical purpose including protection, warding evil, breaking jixes, reversing, road opening, court cases, law keep away, and enemy work.


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