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Psychic reader, shaman, and root worker Rukiah Shamon has died after a long illness. A certified Usui/Karuna Reiki Master, she was part of the first wave of Reiki practitioners in the U.S.

Rukiah's grandfather was an herb doctor and a medical doctor, and she continued to combine herbalism and conjure in her own work and as a graduate of Catherine Yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course.

She founded Divine Spirit Ministries, a nonprofit organization overlooking Lake Erie, which combined health, wellness, nutrition, and spiritual development through prayer and meditation services, spiritual healing retreats, and holistic healing classes.

Rukiah's scrying tools: a black mirror and a crystal ball
Administering a reiki treatment to a client

Her Absolutely Divine Spiritual Salon in Eastlake, Ohio, near Cleveland, showcased the depth and breadth of her practices, including psychic readings, prayer, spiritual counseling, meditation, healing massage, conjure doctoring, spiritual rituals inspired by her Native American and African American heritage, as well as a number of multi-cultural energy treatments such as Reiki, Touch for Health, Raindrop technique, Chakra balancing, visualization, aura cleansing, breath work, energy work, healing crystals, colour healing, altar work, and sound healing techniques.

Rukiah once wrote: "In my work, I pray to the Most High for myself and this ministry that I may be a divine source of spiritual guidance for those who seek it; to bring zeal back into people's lives; peace within their hearts and minds; laughter, happiness, and joy to their spirits; and faith and hope to their dreams."

Her clients and colleagues in the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers know that she succeeded in these goals, to the betterment of all she met.

Rukiah was born a natural and gifted clairvoyant and was a professional reader for over 20 years, working both in person and via telephone. Her first teachers in the traditions of herbalism and conjure were family from the South, and her strengths as a root doctor were in the areas of healing and money-drawing, safety, prosperity, love, and happiness. Honey jars and spiritual baths were particular favorites. She did not curse, hex, cross, or jinx her client's enemies, preferring works of healing and spiritual wellness.

She was adept in the ancient arts of mirror scrying and crystal gazing, divination by playing cards and pendulum, and interpretation of candles.

As a teacher, Rukiah offered classes and workshops on healing the mind-body-spirit connection. In her spiritual healing retreats and holistic healing classes she sought to improve the quality of her students' personal, family, and community life, as well as provide personal instruction in meditation, visualization, healthy vegetarian cooking, and much more.

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