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Saint Jude, holding his medal, with the flame of Pentecost on his head

Saint Jude, also known as Saint Jude Thaddeus or Jude the Apostle is the Patron Saint of lost causes and can be called on in desperate situations and by those who need help persevering in trying times. His Feast Day is October 28th.

Saint Jude was a relative of Jesus Christ and one of the Twelve Disciples. He preached the Gospel in many parts of Mesopotamia including modern day, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, and took special care in ministering to Jews who had converted to Christianity. His epistles were primarily focused on converting the Churches of the East away from various Gnostic sects. He became known as a champion for lost and hopeless causes due to his belief that true Christians could prevail through the most difficult and harsh circumstances just as their forefathers had done. In hoodoo, he is petitioned for aid and assistance in conquering hopeless causes and also to calm down troublemakers.

The iconography of Saint Jude generally depicts him wearing a green cloak, holding a large gold coin or medal and a staff, sometimes with a pentecostal flame above his head.

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