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Anubis is the Greek name for the Egyptian god known as Anpu. He is the underworld deity associated with the process of mummification, the guiding of the dead to the afterlife, and the weighing of the hearts of the deceased against the truth of Ma'at as represented by a feather. Depicted as a jackal or as a human male with the head of a jackal, he is believed to have developed in imagery from the sight of jackals roaming around cemeteries, devouring the corpses of the dead.

Anubis was known as 'Lord of the Dead' at various points in time of ancient Egyptian history but was eventually usurped in this role by Osiris during the era of the Middle Kingdom. Later, he became popularly known as the son of Osiris and is credited with having created the first mummy with Osiris's remains. As such, he became known as the patron of embalmers and those within the vocation were known to wear a jackal mask during their ceremonies.

Hoodoo psychic readers, spirit workers, and root doctors who practice in the North African religion of ancient Egypt or contemporary Kemetic Neo-Paganism, and who call upon the netjeru on behalf of clients, may petition Anubis for any purpose including road opening, cleansing, uncrossing, protection, healing, blessing, transition into death, spirituality, psychism, mental influence, and occultism.


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