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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; art by Insima

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, which the Sun enters every year at the Spring Equinox. Represented by a Ram, it is linked with the concepts of leadership, determination, activity, and energy. In Aries, the Angels give the plants of Earth new vigour, trees gain sap, and females begin to propagate their species. The tarot card that signifies Aries is The Emperor.


Understanding Aries in the Zodiacal Year

Aries the ram; art by Natalia Hubbert
The glyph or sigil of Aries; art by DinoZZZ
This 20th century sterling silver brooch by Peruzzi depicts the sign and the glyph for Aries; it can be worn as a talisman or enchanted jewelry

Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign, symbolizing volcanic fire. It is Masculine, and because it is ruled by the planet Mars, it has highly masculine aspects, being symbolized as a male animal wildly charging forward. Mars is the ancient Roman god of war, soldiers, and aggression — and Aries is one of two signs the planet Mars rules, the other being Scorpio.

Because of the Martian rulership, Aries people are said to be headstrong, athletic, pioneering, and vigorous — and because Aries is the Ram, they are also fearless, and are capable of energizing and leading others. Their worst flaw may be assertive brusqueness, which is generally the result of an exaggeratedly self-confident desire to assume command over others.

If You Are an Aries

If you were born between March 21 and April 20, Aries is your sign. You are a natural leader, brave and somewhat stormy in character, and very energetic. Take advantage of any opportunities that may present themselves to advance yourself socially. Your executive ability means that you dislike working under others. You will have many love affairs.

You will be most clear-thinking and positive immediately after your birthday. Be generous and true to those you love although it is not your tendency to sympathize with the weakness of others. When trouble brews, as it may from time to time, good judgement and careful consideration of your problems, rather than rash impulsiveness, will help you to avoid any serious consequences. Tuesdays are lucky days for you.

The Aries People in Your Life

These people, like the Ram, are born leaders, cannot be driven, are quick to anger, and are headstrong and impetuous of restraint or criticism. They lay out their own work; insist upon doing it in their own way, hence cannot work well under others; in brief, they are original, ambitious, energetic, reliable, audacious, and highly capable of rising to a great height in the world. They are fluent talkers, have excellent memories, are ever busy thinking out new plans and ideas, and therefore are apt to overtax the nerves and brain. Much of their trouble comes through the opposite sex. They often marry twice and are attracted to those of Leo and Sagittarius.

Aries Keywords to Remember

Birthday: March 21 - April 20.
Symbol: The Ram.
Element: Fire.
Modality: Cardinal.
Concepts: Creative, Energetic, Adaptable, Courageous, Insightful.
Anatomy: The Head, Brain, Eyes, and Face.
Lucky Star: Mars.
Lucky Colours: Red, Scarlet.
Lucky Jewels: Bloodstone, Diamond.
Lucky Flowers: Violet, Yarrow.
Lucky Dreams: Engineer, Peacock, Tall Tree, Volcano.
Lucky Numbers: 26, 28, 29, 30, 931-683-913.
Mineral Salts: Potassium Phosphate.
Playing Card: King of Clubs.
Tarot Trump: The Emperor.
How it Affects the Moon: Barren, Dry, Fiery, Masculine.
Kindred Sign: Scorpio
Harmonious Signs: Leo, Sagittarius.
Inharmonious Signs: Scorpio, Taurus.
Domicile or Dignity of Mars.
Detriment or Exile of Venus.
Exaltation of The Sun.
Fall of Saturn.


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