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Secular and Historically Commemorative Holidays
Leap Year Day
April Fool's Day
Beltane, May Day (International Worker's Day)
Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)
Mother's Day
Memorial Day (US)
Founders Day June 6th (AISC)
Father's Day
Juneteenth (US)
Fourth of July (US)
Labor Day (US)
Thanksgiving (US and Canada)
Veteran's Day (US), Remembrance Day (UK)
Personal Anniversaries
Religious Holidays and Feast Days
Saint's Feast Days (Catholic and Orthodox)
Easter (Catholic and Orthodox)
Christmas (Catholic and Orthodox)
Krampusnacht (Saint Nicholas festival)(Europe)
Fasting Days
Yom Kippur
Tish B'av
Calendrical Events
Zodiacal Ingresses
Wheel of the Year (Pagan)
Taoist Seasonal Festivals


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