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Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac; art by Insima

Gemini is the third sign of the the Zodiac, which the Sun enters during the late Spring. Represented by Twin children, it is linked with the concepts of duality, friendliness, and activity. In Gemini, the Angels regulate bodily changes, travel about, and cause love between brethren, friends, and neighbours. The tarot card of Gemini is The Lovers.


Understanding Gemini in the Zodiacal Year

Gemini the Twins; art by Natalia Hubbert
The glyph or sigil of Gemini; art by DinoZZZ
This 20th century sterling silver brooch by Peruzzi depicts the sign and the glyph for Gemini; it can be worn as a talisman or enchanted jewelry

Gemini is the Mutable Air sign, symbolizing pleasantly changeable winds. It is technically a Masculine sign, but in practice, because it is ruled by the planet Mercury, it has neutral aspects, for Mercury is the ancient Roman god of ambiguity, mentality, speed, and communication. Gemini is one of two signs Mercury rules, the other being Virgo.

Because of the Mercurial rulership, Gemini people are quick-witted, good with math, adept at gambling, and excellent writers and speakers — but they may also be immature and unreliable in their daily affairs. Their worst flaw is a lack of commitment, which is generally the result of an exaggerated desire to be free of all encumbrances and responsibilities.

If You Are a Gemini

If you were born between May 22 and June 21, Gemini is your sign. You are given to versatility, intellect, and imagination. You are also prone to change and may be unreliable, even to your best friends. Lack of consistence may be offset by fresh ideas, but you need to follow through. You profit through travel and writing.

Faced with repetition, you may be slow and lazy, but your enthusiasm will pick up when offered new tasks. Undertake new projects regularly; do not gamble with those born in the sign of Cancer. Wednesday is your most fortunate day. Undertake journeys and make deals in the summertime, but try to stay focussed and don't squander your energy by allowing yourself to be drawn in two directions at once.

The Gemini People in Your Life

These people, like Twins, have a double or dual nature which makes them restless, changeable, and fond of travel; they are always busy, yet never content, often leaving their work in an unfinished state, and at times wavering and uncertain in their love affairs. They are shrewd and clever, and as promoters and schemers they are at their best. They can discuss many subjects; are sure to grasp new ideas quickly; often engage in too many different things; delight in driving a shrewd bargain; and can always make money, yet seldom save it in early life. They are very affectionate, yet they often grow cold quickly on account of their changeful nature.

Gemini Keywords to Remember

Birthday: May 22 - June 21.
Symbol: The Twins.
Element: Air.
Modality: Mutable.
Concepts: Flexible, intelligent, inconstant, versatile, and verbal.
Anatomy: Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, Hands, and Nerves.
Lucky Star: Mercury.
Lucky Colours: Orange, Brown.
Lucky Jewels: Emerald, Agate, Pearl.
Lucky Flowers: Sweet Pea, Twin-Flower.
Lucky Dreams: Butcher, Olives, Razors, Childhood.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 15, 18, 88, 099-266-599.
Mineral Salts: Potassium Chloride.
Playing Card: Jack of Spades.
Tarot Trump: The Hierophant.
How it Affects the Moon: Barren, Dry, Airy, Masculine.
Kindred Sign: Virgo
Harmonious Signs: Libra, Aquarius.
Inharmonious Signs: Cancer, Capricorn.
Domicile or Dignity of Mercury.
Detriment or Exile of Jupiter.
Exaltation of [-].
Fall of [-].


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