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A lodestone love spell in progress on the altar

Clients seek out hoodoo rootworkers to cast love spells for a number of different reasons, ranging from a desire to attract a suitable partner for marriage and starting a family, to finding a partner interested in a casual one night fling. Some clients want just to get a date, others want a long-time dating partner to present a proposal of marriage. Some married clients want to have more sexual fulfillment in their marriages and others want to put an end to squabbles and fusses within a marriage or to stop a mate from running around. Some want to re-unite with an ex-lover who is lost and long out of contact, others want to bring back a lover who has just walked out the door.

Love drawing and romance spells are the most commonly requested kinds of spell work. Virtually every psychic reader, palm reader, and tarot card reader understands the need their clients have for love, and certainly every spiritual practitioner who performs altar work with prayers, does candles spell magic, makes mojo bags for passion or doll babies for love, or crafts honey jars for romance and reconiliation is familiar with the hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure techniques to sustain the strength of marriages that are under stress whether from within or due to outside influences.


Tools and Techniques for Love Drawing

Preparing a red love doll by the light of a Fire of Love vigil candle and two red "helper" lights
A love altar where red candles are burned for clients
Preparing a mojo hand for love with a name paper, red candles, Dixie Love oil, roses, and love-drawing roots
A Come To me love spell with Solomonic talismans, lodestones, and magnetic sand
White candles illuminate bride and groom figures loaded with the clients' personal concerns and prepared as doll-babies to bless a new marriage
A red love lamp, bride and groom candles, roots, magnetic dogs, and other curios on a love altar
Tying a man's nature and compelling his faithfulness with a male candle and prepared string
Roots, lodestones, pyrite, glass fish, and candles combine in a powerful attraction and peaceful home spell
Adam and Eve candles surrounded by small red "helper" lights designed to enhance sexual attraction between a man and a woman
A fixed reconciliation and peacefulness candle spell in progress; pins strike the husband's heart and sexuality
Honey jar for a peaceful love; wax layers are red to attract sexual passion; pink for romance, reconciliation, and fidelity; then blue to bring tranquility and healing
Ingredients assembled for a complex family situation: Peace Water to calm the household; a black break-up candle to force the man to leave his girlfriend; a red lovers candle to reignite sexual passion in the marriage, Saint Joseph candle and coins to make him a good father and bread-winner; pink Adam candle for marital reconciliation; astral "helper" lights; and herbs for removal of sin
Attraction work with figural candles, lodestones, and rose buds
Tying a person's nature for love; a specially prepared bar of soap will be given to the target as a gift by the client

Love spells, romance spells, marriage spells, happy home spells, reconciliation spells, and return of a lost lover spells are the most-often-requested types of work that most conjure doctors deal with. Asking for these spells may also be the most crisis-fraught requests that a client will ever make, so it is important to the client to connect with a compassionate and understanding worker who has some life experience and a true desire to help.

Love spells of all types rely on the use of candles, roots and herbs, oils, and curios that are said to be efficacious in drawing, keeping, and sustaining a loving relationship and/or partner. Among the spiritual supplies used in love and romance work are pairs of lodestones (used to draw a specific person to someone else or to draw two people together), honey jars (used for sweetening one person to another), personal concerns (skin, hair, saliva, clothing, and/or sexual fluids), plain candles, and figural candles (male and female or male and female genitalia) which can be dressed with love drawing and love keeping roots, herbs, oils, and sachet powders and used in love and romance workings. Among the specific kind of spells we find for love and romance, there are spells to draw and keep a specific partner, spells to draw and keep an unknown partner with a specific list of qualities, spells to fire up one's sex life or romantic life, spells to make oneself appear more attractive and desirable, spells for tying and untying someone's Nature, and spells for reconciling with an ex.

Drawing New Love

One major body of spell work within the broader category of love and romance spells is drawing a new love. Often with this kind of work the client will have a specific person in mind whom they wish to have the practitioner draw to them, but in sometimes the client will have no one specific person in mind, simply a desire for new love. In the latter case, the conjure doctor will help the client to develop a list of qualities and attributes that the client would like his or her next partner to possess.

When helping a client to draw a new love, a hoodoo rootworker may employ altar work and prayers as well as candle magic, spell-casting, container spells, and doll-babies. It is also quite common for the spiritual practitioner to send the client ritual bathing supplies, magical talismans, or prepared mojo bags, and to prescribe herbs, roots, oils, and curios for love, romance, and sexual heat in combination with herbs, roots, oils, and curios that are used for attracting or drawing things closer.

Blessing a Marriage

When a couple gets married, either partner may wish to engage a root doctor to bless and sanctify the nuptials. One of the most requested conjure items in this regard is the wedding toby, a small tied and wrapped mojo hand done up in white silk. Wedding tobies contain tokens and personal concerns from each partner, plus roots, herbs, and minerals that enhance love and marriage. The bride usually carries hers in her bosom during the wedding ceremony and then hides it away someplace safe and secure for the years to come.

Family members may also wish to bless the marriage of a son, daughter, sister, or brother. For instance, if a mother cannot be seen working a spell of this sort in the home, due to the prying eyes of gossipy family members or the hecticness of preparing for the upcoming festivities, they may employ a spiritual worker to set lights in order to back up the wedding ceremony by burning fixed and prepared candles on the day and time of the wedding.

Tying and Untying Nature

Clients often request that rootworkers bind, block, and restrict a third party's sexual desire, physical ability to have sexual relations, or enjoyment of sex with certain people. Tying someone's nature is the term used to describe this form of harsh or coercive fidelity love work, which may have overtones of jinxing or crossing.

Wives, husbands, or lovers may seek to tie their partner's nature in order to ensure their fidelity if they suspect or know that their partner is cheating on them with someone else. In these cases, the nature would be tied so that the philandering partner could not have sexual relations with others and would want only their rightful partner.

Fidelity and tying the nature may also be used when there is no other actual sex-partner, but the client's mate is addicted to pornography or visiting strip-clubs,

Sometimes it happens that a man has irresponsibly gotten several women pregnant and shows no interest in supporting any of his children, at which point a related party -- for instance, the mother or sister of one of the women -- might decide that the man's nature needs to be tied just to stop him causing more trouble in the world.

It is also not uncommon for rootworkers to be approached by a man or woman who has been wronged by a former partner and wants to get revenge by tying their ex's nature so that he or she cannot ever have a fulfilling sexual or romantic relationship with anyone else.

No matter what motivates the client, most root doctors will know several ways to tie up someone's nature. The most traditional method centers around the knotting or tying up of a piece of string that has been anointed with the sexual fluids of the target. Figural candles may also be used in spells to tie up nature, and there is even a special type of mojo bag crated for this purpose, which is called a nation sack.

Generally speaking, rootworkers prefer to take on cases that are morally justified or ethically clean. Tying someone's nature might be justified in a root doctor's eyes in cases where a person's misuse of sexuality and sexual power has been harmful and destructive.

Some rootworkers will only undertake such jobs on behalf of a legally wedded spouse after divination has indicated that the case is justified, while others will undertake to tie up the nature of anyone who is being unfaithful while in a long-term relationship. However, most spiritual practitioners will not perform this sort of work for clients at all, although those who will not do the job, you might find some who will teach the techniques to their clients through spiritual consultation and magical coaching.

If a person's nature has been tied in order to enforce fidelity or to bring about impotence, they will want to untie their nature -- that is, to reverse and take off the spell work that was put on them. One traditional way to untie a client's nature is to find the string that was used to perform the work and to untie or burn it. Often, however, the string cannot be found, and so spiritual bathing and cleansing techniques will be employed.

An experienced rootworker can perform the work in person or long distance, and may also prescribe teas, bathing herbs, roots, oils, and curios to release the client's love nature. Because spells against a person often are directed to follow the path of least physical resistance, the client whose nature has been tied may also require medical help. In such circumstances, the rootworker will provide spiritual counselling that points the way toward getting proper physical checkups and will see that the client is under a medical doctor's care, if need be.

When a spiritual practitioner successfully unties a client's nature, the client will experience sexual freedom and the cessation of the physical, mental, or emotional problems that have kept him or her from having satisfying relations with a partner of their choice.

Enhancing Sexual Appeal and Sexual Desire

Spells to enhance a client's sexual appeal may be accomplished by bathing, burning candles, wearing a talisman or lucky charm, carrying a mojo hand, or dressing the body with oils, perfumes, or sachet powders. These spells, like much love and romance work, can be directed toward a specific person or they can enhance the client's sex appeal to a wide audience, either to attract a new and unknown lover, or to make the client generally desirable.

Clients who work as models, dancers, escorts -- professions where sexual appeal is directly tied to income -- may ask their rootworker to increase their sexual appeal while also drawing in more money. However, this combined request is not handled by performing two spells at once, one for money and one for loveliness. Rather, the deft worker provides the client with specific and traditional hoodoo conjurations long used by those whose professions combine sex appeal with monetary income.

Sometimes a relationship is based on strong love, romance, and shared commitments, but sexual desire is lacking. In these cases, a spiritual practitioner can suggest magical remediation to make sexual desire alive again.

In other cases folks are looking for a fun one night stand and are not interested in long term relationships or commitments. They simply want to feel the thrill of desire and to have their temporary partner reciprocate that thrill.

In these situations, a conjure doctor may prescribe roots, herbs, or oils to be used on the body which are reputed to spiritually increase sexual desire and appetite. amulets, charms, or seals may be employees as well, either alone or in conjunction with a mojo bag. Additional altar work to increase desire may include the crafting of doll babies, candle spells and honey jars.

Reconciliation, Re-uniting Lovers, and Bringing Back a Lost Love

Although clients suffering from a love crisis may think that reconciliation, re-uniting lovers, and bringing back lost lovers are the same, to hoodoo practitioners, the three types of work are actually distinct and different.

Reconciliation spells are undertaken by hoodoo practitioners to bring a peaceful and harmonious resolution to arguments or fights between lovers, married couples, or squabbling friends. Reconciliation spells can spiritually augment conventional marriage therapy, get people talking calmly and lovingly again, and bring an end to threats of divorce. They may be used in conjunction with spells generally given names like stay with me and stay at home.

Reconciliations are not only for lovers and married couples. Friendships can be healed and re-established, family relationships can be mended and set on a firmer, more respectful footing, and marriages can be repaired. This type of spell casting is very worthwhile, gratifying and positive. While it is easiest to accomplish these results when both parties desire resolution, effective work can often also be done when only one party desires positive change.

It is possible for a hoodoo practitioner accomplish a great deal on behalf of a client who wishes to employ spell casting to resolve marital and family differences. Candle work and prayer may be undertaken to encourage kindness, and Psalms may be recited to mend breaches. Honey jars or planter-box spells may be prepared for the client to place in the home of the warring parties. Soothing herbs and Category:Spiritual Supplies such as Peace Water and Holy Water may be used for sprinkling or bathing. Reconciliation and Peaceful Home incense may be burned as well, to help all concerned to put aside their differences and move beyond struggle into greater friendship, love, and respect.

Clients often ask for rootwork to re-unite them with an ex-lover after they have broken up. Sometimes they ask for spells to bring back an ex-lover who has left the relationship and started a new family elsewhere. Such requests are often driven by obsession or an inability to move on; insistent clients frequently fail to take into consideration the prospect of reconciliation, nor do they care whether they are breaking their ex-lover up with his or her current spouse and children. Clients desperate to re-unite with an ex-lover often fall prey to unscrupulous frauds who advertise with the infamous catch-phrase, "I Re-Unite Lovers in 24 Hours -- Guaranteed!" Whether or not such practitioners can actually do as advertised, neither they nor their clients take heed of how the work will affect extant spouses, children, or other family members.

Many rootworkers are leery of taking on this work as its results are highly erratic due to the presence of problems that contributed to the break-up in the first place. Like other forms of spell work, reconciliation work makes use of oils, herbs and roots, candles, curios, and personal concerns that are purported to help bringing a couple back together, to get them sweet on each other again, and to re-ignite loving feelings between them. While the results for reconciliation work do vary, there are definitely success stories and in certain cases the work is truly worthwhile.

It is advisable to seek out a divinatory reading from a reputable reader prior to engaging in reconciliation or reunion work, and most spiritual practitioners will not even consider doing such work on behalf of a client until they have had a good reading.

In this kind of work more than others, it is important for the root doctor to insist that the client set a time limit for the work -- to decide how long they will work on mending the relationship before they decide to move on. Once the time limit has been decided on, it should not be changed; this is for both client's and the rootworker's benefit: the client will not waste money and energy on a dead-end quest, and the conjure doctor does not risk becoming embroiled with an overly emotionally-dependent or fixated client, or continue to accept money for services in pursuit of a lost cause.

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