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Hoodoo spells for success in business and career may make use of sigils and spell-casting

Those who wish to increase their individual mastery, leadership, and personal power seek out hoodoo rootworkers or conjure doctors to cast career success, personal power, mastery, and wisdom spells to help them gain the authority and strength of character they seek.

Work of this nature is varied, emphasizing physical strength, personal bravery, wisdom and knowledge, competence at test-taking, mental force, leadership traits, or a combination of all of these along with such additional factors as good luck, fortunate love encounters, male virility, female sexual allure, and mastery at games of chance.

Success spells such as these all share the essential aim of strengthening the client’s personal nature, resolve, and internal power as well as enhancing courage and effective personal presentation.


Tools and Techniques for Career Success, Personal Power, Mastery, and Wisdom

A Master Candle, Hoyt's Cologne, frankincense resin, and Lucky Spirit incense on an altar for personal strength and rulership
A figural candle ritual for success and empowerment
A honey jar for fame and success for a emerging celebrity entertainer
Hoodoo spells for academic success can be performed by a root doctor at a distance while the test is being taken
Crown of Success altar for prosperity, mastery, and abundance
A mastery and wisdom working to replace self-sabotage with calm focused wisdom
Perpetual success altar on which spells for career success have been set for multiple clients
Preparing stamped brass crown talismans for use in career success mojo bags by anointing them with Holy Oil; the aid of Archangel Gabriel and the Virgin of Guadalupe are sought in this Crown of Success altar working

Success, mastery, and personal power spells are a type of spell work that many clients request, so it is only to be expected that traditional spiritual practitioners and conjure workers have developed a variety of techniques to assist clients in this regard.

Wisdom, success, and power spells of all types rely on the use of candles; minerals, roots and herbs; oils and powders; and curios that have a long history of use in hoodoo work intended to increase knowledge and mental acuity, draw career success, and bring about the power to command and lead others. Some of the curios used in mastery, success, and wisdom work include John the Conqueror root (used to enhance personal power), honey jars (used for sweetening a boss on the job), plain yellow or purple candles and vigil lights, which can be dressed with success, mastery and wisdom roots, herbs, oils, and sachet powders and used in personal power workings.

Among the specific kind of spells we find for success and leadership, there are spells to increase the power of eloquent speech, spells to assist getting high marks on tests and during interviews, spells to bring in unexpected money, spells to make oneself appear more attractive and assertive, spells for being in the right place at the right time when jobs are listed, and spells for building self confidence.

Personal Power, Mastery, Courage, and Self-Confidence Spells

Most clients who seek out psychic readings and rootwork have distinct goals in mind, and among the most common of those desires are the need for love and romance, money and luck, and protection. However, a small number of clients have particular need of spells and spiritual help in dealing with issues of an interior or inner nature, particularly in the matter of developing a strong sense of personal mastery or power, or an ability to meet the public with self-confidence and eloquence.

It is, of course, possible to achieve success without self-confidence and even without full mastery of a subject, but for those who wish to be of use to humanity and to take a leadership role, both courage and mastery of the self are highly desired stepping stones to success.

Work of this nature is often confidential and private. A root doctor who serves clients in need of personal power and courage may undertake altar work on their behalf, or perform Candle spells; also common is the custom-crafting of mojo bags or amulets, talismans, charms, and enchanted jewelry dressed with specially prescribed conjure oils for the client to wear or to carry.

Spells for Wisdom, Test-Taking, and Successful Interviews

Intelligence may be in part a genetic trait, but wisdom is gained through experience and, more importantly, through the refinement and proper understanding of experience, so that knowledge may be accessed within the mind and also transmitted to others. Scoring well on tests and graded exams is one way that educational institutions and corporate organizations measure wisdom; evaluating applicants through a process of personal interviews is another.

For those who seek to enhance their own ability to retain knowledge and to disseminate it, as well as for those who need to score well on standardized tests, or impress the examiners at a personal interview, hoodoo offers a number of simple, traditional, and very direct forms of work.

Your rootworker may prescribe King Solomon Wisdom or Crown of Success baths, oils, or incense for you to use at home while at the same time setting up a working altar for you on which a series of dressed and prepared candles will be lit during your time of examination, to back you up. You may also be sent some specially prepared baths to take or a packet of hoodoo style laundry crystals to add to the rinse cycle of the clothes you will wear while being tested. Many rootworkers also specialize in the making of mojo bags, talismans, charms, and seals which are dressed with specially prescribed conjure oils and will be send to you to wear or to carry.

Spells to Bring Career and Job Success

For many spiritual workers, there is nothing more satisfying than assisting clients to become financially secure through career success. Even during hard economic times, there is a feeling of positivity and uplift that accompanies the casting of spells, the making of mojo bags and jomos, the preparation and empowerment of charms, amulets, and talismans, or the burning of magically anointed candles for a client who is seeking to live a productive and successful life.

If a divination -- for instance by card reading, pendulum consultation, or psychic reading -- indicates that the client's career success is being held back because he or she has been crossed, jinxed, or cursed, the rootworker's first step will be to remove the curse or break the jinx. This can be accomplished by spiritual bathing and cleansing, either in person or at a distance.

Once the client is free from old messes, the rootworker will seek to open the client's road. Tools and techniques employed by a conjure doctor who is casting spells for career success range from altar work and affirmative prayers to the preparation of bottle spells, fixed curios and talismans, and custom mojo hands to the setting of anointed and dressed candles and the prescription of spiritual conjure oils, herbs, baths, incenses, and powders for the client to use.

Because clients who are seeking career success are generally willing to work on their own behalf, it is quite common for them to work with a root doctor who offers spiritual consultation, including practical suggestions and magical coaching to enable he client to carry the good work on.

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