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Uncrossing and reversing candle spell performed on a mirror with a rooster claw, black feather whisk, salt, and Run Devil Run oil

Clients generally seek out hoodoo rootworkers to cast spells for uncrossing, jinx-breaking, and curse removal because they feel -- or know -- that they have been under spiritual attack, and are unable to get clear of the condition by themselves. Their enemy may be known or unknown; they may have attempted spells for blessings, cleansing, and tranquility with little or no success; or they might have done so successfully, only to see crossed conditions, blocked roads, and negative situations recur again in their lives.

Most ethical conjure doctors who cast spells of uncrossing, jinx-breaking, block-busting, curse reversal, and road opening for their clients only undertake such a job when they have determined through a prior reading or divination that the work is actually necessary -- that is, that a simple spiritual cleansing or blessing spell will not fully solve the client's problem because there is a past history of jinxes, curses, crossed conditions, or blocked roads.

Because uncrossing and road-opening are more complex hoodoo spells than blessing and spiritual cleansing, and because additional magical spell work to reverse curses and bind or destroy the client's enemy may be required, it is important for any client who seeks complete and thorough jinx-breaking assistance from a professional root doctor to select a spiritual practitioner who understands the totality of the client's history and who is willing to take the case in stages, following it through from beginning to end, and not abandoning the client mid-way through the process.


Tools and Techniques for Jinx Breaking, Uncrossing, Reversing, and Road Opening

Road Opening work for a client on a conjure doctor's candle altar
Uncrossing candle spell for two people using double action candles that are being burned upside-down to reverse bad work to the sender
Jinx-breaking spells are worked to remove bindings and limitations that have been placed in a person
Uncrossing and spiritual cleansing work to remove negative energy from a couple and to restore their joy, peace of mind, and natural sexuality
Bathing in water that has been dyed blue with Reckitt's Crown Blue while reciting Psalms is an old and traditional form of uncrossing work
A powerful spirit trap aimed at luring out the spirit that has been tormenting a family's home for months; once the spirit is trapped, it can be tamed, retrained, and compelled into obedience
A box spell made of mirrors turned inward to reverse and bind evil spells onto the woman who sent them to a rootworker's clients; the final mirror, which will form the mirror box lid, is at left
A mirror box to reverse-curse the one who placed a curse on a client
Road Opening spells have the spiritual effect of removing all obstacles and allowing the client to move forward toward whatever goals are desired

Jinx breaking, uncrossing, road opening, curse removal, and curse reversing are commonly asked for kinds of hoodoo spell work. Well-trained professional root doctors and conjure practitioners should know many techniques for spells of this type, although not every practitioner will perform them for every client.

Uncrossing, jinx breaking, curse removal, curse reversal, block-busting, and road opening spells of all types may be performed at an altar with the use of candles, roots and herbs, oils, powders, and other curios that are traditionally thought to be effective in blasting away impediments to success, rebuking evil spirits that may have attached themselves to a client, removing the spiritual "dirt" that obscures a client's clear vision of the road forward, bringing in good luck where bad luck once reigned, and smashing the chains of past conditions and situations that have impeded a client's progress toward his or her desired goals in life. Some of the curios used in uncrossing, jinxing killing, jinx reversing, curse removal, block-busting, and road opening work include doll babies or poppets, ginger, saltpeter, baths made with hyssop herb; and plain, double-action, or figural candles which can be dressed with uncrossing, jinx-killing, reversing, or road opening roots, herbs, oils, and sachet powders and used in curse removal workings.

Among the specific kind of spells we find for jinx-breaking, removal of crossed conditions, reversing, and block-busting, there are spells to cause the client to cast off limitations caused by previous enemy actions; spells to break or undo the effects of a sour jar, lemon spell, or vinegar jar that was cast upon a person; spells to put an end to a run of missed opportunities; spells made with mirrors to reverse curses back onto the one who sent them; spells to open the road to new possibilities; spells to bring good luck where the luck was previously bad; spells to remove the effects of conjure messes that had been stepped in or thrown for the client; and spells to bring an end to unnatural illness or spiritual sickness,

Hoodoo Uncrossing and Jinx Breaking Spells

When a person is suffering through a run of bad luck, unnatural illness, or a string of unexplained accidents, it is often said that they have come under crossed conditions or that the jinx is on them. Knowing how to uncross a client or take off a jinx is one of the most basic, and most often requested, job that a conjure doctor can perform on behalf of clients. This type of spell work, sometimes called block-buster or jinx breaking, is very important when dealing with clients for whom an ordinary cleansing and blessing has failed to produce relief from negative situations.

Like other conjure spell casting, Uncrossing work can take several forms, depending on the nature of the case and the inclination of the rootworker. In-person bathing and foot washing, especially in so-called "blue baths," is a traditional form of Uncrossing, but the same sort of work can be performed by bathing at a distance, with vigil lights, and through prayer.

Clients should expect that any spiritual hoodoo worker who does uncrossing and block-buster spell work will perform a reading for them before taking the case. This may take the form of card reading, psychic reading, pendulum divination, or scrying. Whatever technique is used for the reading, the root doctor must determine whether the case can be easily resolved with a healing, cleaning, or blessing spell or if a full uncrossing and jinx-breaking is required; if it will be necessary to perform additional work to bind, hot foot, or reverse the spell back to an enemy of the client's; and, finally if he or she should take on the case for the client.

Spells for Reversing Curses and Jinxes

Reversing work is undertaken by a root doctor to return to the originator whatever was sent to harm the client. Although it is a common practice to reverse back the sending of the evil eye, which is a form of subconscious curse through jealousy, by far the most common rootwork of reversal is done to return malicious spellcraft which was deliberately laid or thrown in order to harm the recipient.

Reversing work is not to be confused with cursing or crossing, because it reflects back, rather than originates, harmful spells. Reversing is quite selective, too, in that it only reflects back the wicked or harmful spells which may have been be cast against a client and leaves all blessings and good luck intact. Reversing work is often compared to using a mirror, and the analogy is so strong that a number of well-known and powerful spells for reversal work employ literal mirrors in the crafting of the spell.

Another form of reversal work begins with the removal of curses and jinxes by spiritual bathing and cleansing and is followed by the binding of the enemy's spell work into an image of the enemy, so it cannot be sent again.

Reversing may also be undertaken through candle spells and setting lights. This form of reversing is especially useful if the client wants to monitor the progress of the work being done, because each successive reversing candle can be used for divination by a psychic candle reader. Reversing candles are often dressed in two directions from the middle -- to turn evil back to the sender and at the same time to bring overlooked blessings to the client. They are often burned upside down, in a reversed position, atop a mirror or a piece shiny aluminum foil, which forms a reflecting surface.

When a spiritual worker wants to bind the client's enemy as well as reverse his or her curses back, a fixed and prepared doll baby may be used instead of a candle, and it may be placed inside a mirror box. The mirror box is a form of container spell, in which all the mirror surfaces are turned inward. The doll is laid on a bed of painful and hot herbs, and enclosed within the box, to suffer the consequences of any evil work that is being sent out. The box may be buried in a cemetery in the care of a spirit of the dead, and left in place to continue the reversing for as long as the enemy lives. Mirror boxes are usually prepared for clients by experienced hoodoo rootwork practitioners.

Lifting Ancestral and Generational Curses

Ancestral and generational curses are ancient curses that are rooted in a family's generational line. Rare is it that an ancestral curse dissipates without intervention from a wpiritual worker who can divine the origin of the curse and have the knowledge to rid the sufferer of this type of curse.

To discover if a client is the target of such a curse, it is imperative the client go to a Spiritual Worker with experience in breaking or reversing Ancestral curses. The breaking or reversing of Ancestral curses may include spells that contain many of the ingredients spoken about above. The difference is the Spiritual Worker may find it necessary to proceed with graveyard work and work done at the crossroads. The client may be asked to help contribute in their recovery by following the instructions given by the Spiritual Worker.

Because most Ancestral Curses have common denominators such as alcoholism, addiction issues, early or tragic deaths, consistent poverty and bad luck in love throughout the family. It is possible the Spiritual Worker will ask the client to abstain from substances during the work to create a non-toxic environment for the client to become curse free.

Road Opening Spells

Once the client's jinx has been broken and the crossed conditions removed or reversed back to the one who sent them, it is customary for the root doctor or spiritual practitioner to finish the work by performing a road-opening to clear the client's way for new experiences and to unlock the path to more money, love, and luck.

Road Opener spell-casting can be performed in person, in the form of spiritual bathing or cleansing, and it it can also be worked at a distance. Road opening is quite often performed with special hoodoo vigil lights called Road Opener candles, and such distance work may be accompanied by the prescription of spiritual supplies such as baths, which are sent to the client to use, and the preparation of a custom-made mojo hand or fixed and prepared lucky talisman for the client to carry on the person. Typical ingredients used by hoodoo conjure doctors in road opener work include Van Van oil, Road Opener oil, and herbs such as lemon grass and citrus.

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