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A Fiery Wall of Protection spell, calling upon seven guardian spirits and the Archangel Michael to surround and protect the client

Clients seek out hoodoo rootworkers to cast Protection From Enemies, Warding Off Evil, and Safe Travel spells for a number of different reasons, so under the general category of protection and safety spells, conjure doctors and rootworkers group together many types of magical works undertaken on behalf of clients who are seeking spiritual defense and physical security for themselves or their loved ones, including family members, children, and pets.

Spiritual protection spells are employed in situations where the client and the rootworker agree that a present or potential danger exists due to spiritual attacks by day or by night, enemy magical works, personal or locational hauntings by malevolent entities, generational curses, hag-riding by witches, the casting of the evil eye, and the potential that curses that the client has performed in the past are being reversed back onto the client.

Physical protection spells are performed in situations where the client and the rootworker agree that a present or potential danger exists due to the client's being located in a bad neighborhood, living in fear of a violent or abusive family member, being in the military or working in a dangerous job such as law enforcement, being involved in risk-taking activities, or embarking on a trip during which there may be doubts about travel safety.

Spiritual protection and physical protection may be combined in one job, but rootwork that aims at providing physical protection is not a substitute for following safety guidelines or seeking help from law enforcement when necessary.


Tools and Techniques for Protection From Enemies, Warding Off Evil, and Safe Travel

A tray prepared to protect pets and bless a room
Saint Barbara oversees this protection work
Wall of Protection spell to protect two people from a tyrannical co-worker
A Fiery Wall of Protection spell on a root doctor's altar
A star of David, also called a shield of David or mogen David, protects a Jewish home from jealous eyes
Jesus is the Paschal Lamb whose blood protects against the Angel of Death
An exorcism kit made for work in the Christian tradition
Beef tongue spell to shut up a malignant gossip.
A figural candle spell for binding an enemy; tied with a chain and lock it is burned inside a silver, reflective box
A shut-your-mouth binding doll stuffed with red peppers and held under the claws of a ritually prepared hawk's foot
Saint Christopher medals are worn by many Catholics for safety while travelling
A pair of Safe Travel mojo hands prepared for clients

Protection and safety spells are often requested by clients, both for themselves and on behalf of their family members, children, or pets, and as a consequence, root doctors and conjure practitioners have developed many techniques for strengthening defenses, warding off evil, and ensuring safety.

Protection spells may rely on the use of candles, roots and herbs, oils, and curios that are said to be efficacious in erecting barriers against evil magic; altar prayers and petitions, enhancing luckiness in order to avert dangerous situations; calling upon guardian spirits, ancestors, or angels; and refusing entrance to evil spirits or negative energies.

Some of the ways in which root doctors use curios in works of protection and safety work for their clients include bathing the client with rue or other traditional herb mixtures to ward off evil; applying house dressings in the form of oils, powders, or incense, to provide protection at otherwise vulnerable doorways and windows; setting fixed protection lamps for the home; setting safe travel lamps that are kept burning while a traveler is away from home; burning vigil candles for protection and safe travel after dressing them with defensive and protective roots, herbs and oils; and preparing fixed talismans or mojo hands for the client to wear or carry to enhance ongoing protection workings.

Among the specific kind of spells we find for safety and protection, there are spells to avert the threat of night-time hag-riding, spells to keep off the evil eye, spells to keep law enforcement interested in helping to imprison criminals who are wreaking havoc either in a neighborhood or within a family, spells to keep travel safe, spells for lucky avoidance of dangers known and unknown, spells of invisibility to deflect spiritual trespassers, spells to shield a place of business from theft, and spells for stopping spiritual and magical attacks by jealous rivals or enemies.

Protection Spells

Some degree of protection work is recommended for everyone on an ongoing basis.

If there are no obvious risks or enemies, it may be sufficient to bathe and pray for protection once a year at most. Even then, the mere recital of a Psalm of protection may be all that is indicated if the reading proves favourable.

In cases where an client is particularly at risk, whether by temporary circumstances of danger, living in a bad environment, or because he or she is the target of sorcery or harmful conjure work or crossing spells cast by an enemy or a rival, protection spells should be undertaken on the client's behalf on a more thorough level, and they should be checked for efficacy on a regular basis. In these cases, it is also advised that the client be given a fixed and prepared amulet or talisman to ear on the body.

Calling upon the Blood of Jesus to cover a client in protection from death and sickness can sanctify and uplift the troubled and lost heart. Petitioning Catholic saints is another well-known way to request the intercession of spiritual entities. Spirit Work, such as the invocation of the Archangel Michael, who is a great defender of those in need of help, or the spirit of Black Hawk, who is a "watcher on the wall" are also often-used methods to establish spiritual protection.

When a rootworker prescribes protection spells for a client, the protection work itself is often preceded by a divination, then by spiritually cleaning the client and, if necessary, by performing a reversing spell to send back any jinxes that have already been thrown by an enemy and landed on the client. Only after all negativity has been removed is it proper to lay down spells of protection.

Candle spells may be performed to surround the client with a fiery wall of protection, protective amulets, talismans, charms, or enchanted jewelry may be crafted for the client to wear or to carry, and prayers, such as The Lord's Prayer or the 91st Psalm, may be recited for the safety of the client.

Protection spells may also be cast to emphasize the invisibility of the client so that malevolent elements cannot see him or her.

Warding Off Evil

Whereas "protection" is a general term that covers all kinds of work for safety, security, and defense, both against known threats and against potential threats, "warding off evil" is a specific term that refers to the aversion or turning aside of potential enemy attacks. When evil is warded off, it is stopped at the door as if by an armed sentry. It cannot enter in.

When evil is warded off, it is not being broken, negated or returned back on the sender, as in a reversing spell or a revenge spell, rather, it is simply diverted, moved aside, brushed away, dispersed, or rebuffed. Warding off evil is the spiritually cleanest way of protecting oneself. This is an important point for clients to consider if they do not wish to harm the person or entity who is bothering them, but only to stop the damage from continuing or from escalating.

Wards against evil quite often take the form of physical items, including apotropaic talismans, amulets, and seals which may be placed at a location or worn on the person.

The mogen David, also called the shield or star of David, is one such talisman; the mezuzah or guardian of the doorposts is another. From feng shui mirrors and foo dogs to Guardian Angel prints and hanging braids of garlic, there are many such wards available to the client, no matter what their cultural traditions. Your root doctor can prescribe such a talismanic ward for you, your dwelling, or your place of business, and dress or prepare it for your particular use.

Mojo bags for protection are employed in a manner somewhat similar to protective talismans, being either secreted by the entrance to a location or carried on the client's person. They may be dressed with specially prescribed conjure oils to feed them and keep them working.

Against The Evil Eye

The evil eye is a form of spiritual damage caused by jealousy and envy, either intentionally or unintentionally. It is known by a number of names in different countries, including ayin ha'ra (the evil eye), mal occhio (the bad eye), jettatore (the projection [from the eye]), bla band (the eye of evil), and mal ojo (the bad eye). Evil eye belief originated in the Middle East and is mentioned in several passages in the Bible, including the Jewish Tanakh or Old Testament and the Christian New Testament.

There are two phases of protection against the evil eye. The first is called apotropaic work, a form of spiritual practice which averts the gaze of the evil eye or causes its glance to reverse or reflect back to the sender. The most common form of apotopaic work against the evil eye performed by root doctors and spiritual practitioners on behalf of their clients consists making and fixing talismanic protective charms against the evil eye. Other apotropaic methods include recital of certain prayers, making certain hand gestures, or suffumigation with smoke from certain herbs and seeds.

If diagnosis by a reputable practitioner reveals that a client has already been affected by the evil eye, the second phase of spiritual work is undertaken. This consists of curing the condition. Cures against the evil eye vary from one culture to another. Depending on your spiritual practitioner's traditions, they may include rituals with water and prayer and/or cleansing rituals performed with eggs.


Exorcism is a form of spirit work in which evil spiritual entities that have possessed a person or place are removed. Whereas protection and warding off evil keeps trouble and evil away, exorcism deals with evil that has already taken root by drawing out and casting out the spirit or force.

When Evil spirits possess a person or place, latching on and causing disruption and turbulence, the exorcist combines intense cleansing, protection, and spirit work to draw out the spirit, remove it, and keep it from returning.

Exorcists may employ prayers, candles, herbal mixtures, talismans, and other means uproot the spirit, and they typically rely on spiritual and religious authority in order to exert some level of control over the invading spirit to gain its compliance in leaving.

Exorcisms feature prominently in folk magic traditions around the world, with each culture and religion having its own unique perspectives and techniques, but with all sharing the commonality of dealing with a foreign spiritual force that has latched itself on to a person or place.

Depending on the severity of the case, the exorcism may take different forms, t though it is common to work exorcisms in increasing levels of intensity until enough pressure is exerted to remove the spirit.

Binding Spells

Binding an enemy is a form of hoodoo rootwork in which the conjure doctor creates a doll baby or uses a figural candle or other image to represent the client's enemy and then ties, binds, and otherwise restricts it from moving so that the enemy cannot harm the client.

An enemy figure that has been tied and bound or has had its mouth shut up may be further restricted by being wrapped up in a black cloth or placed inside a jar, box, or other container. It may be taken to a crossroads or a graveyard for burial, or disposed of through running water. What happens to the doll is magically linked to the enemy and produces an effect of restricting or confining the enemy from further damaging the client.

There are some spiritual workers who will not cast spells for binding enemies, but among those who don't take on such jobs, there are some who may still be willing to help clients to bind an enemy, by working with the spiritual consultation technique known as magical coaching, and teaching a binding spell to the client so that the client can do the work.

Stop Gossip and Shut Up Spells

Stop gossip spells, as well as the slightly more coercive shut-your-mouth spells, focus on binding or limiting only the problem person's powers of speech, particularly with the aim of putting an end to negativity and complaints; idle gossip and back-biting; or the malicious spreading of rumours, slander, and lies about the client.

For dealing with common gossip in a protective way, the rootworker may employ herbs that render the client spiritually invisible to attack or that cause the attack to harmlessly slide off or away from the client. For protection from more deliberately malicious slander and deceitful gossip, the conjure doctor may prepare a figure of the enemy which may then have its mouth tied shut or filled with alum and hot red peppers.

Safe Travel Spells

Protection while on the road or in transit between two locations is sought by many clients. Although any particular mode of travel, such as automobile, train, airplane, or ship, may be deemed relatively safe, nobody wants themselves or their loved one to become an unlucky thousand-to-one accident statistic or the victim of an unforeseen calamity. For this reason, hoodoo rootwork is frequently engaged by those who are about to take a trip or whose family members are embarking on a journey away from home. In addition to spell-casting to ensure safe travel, the client may also wish the loved one to find good and helpful people along the way, or to return as soon as possible, without lingering in travel.

One approach to safe travel conjure work is to ask your spiritual practitioner to prepare a protective travel talisman or mojo bag for you to wear, or to be given to a loved traveller to wear or carry while on the road. A protective oil may also be prescribed to dress the mojo hand or talisman, or to anoint the traveller's body or vehicle.

To promote a continued link between two people while they are separated by travel, the root doctor may craft two matching mojo hands or talismans, instructing the client to keep one and give the other to the loved one to take on his or her journey.

Another form of hoodoo safe travel work involves the setting of a series of vigil candle lights or a safe travel lamp that is kept alight on the root doctor's altar for the entire duration of the client's travels or the loved one's absence from the client's home. A protectively prepared and dressed photograph may be employed in this work as well, so that the picture and the lights form a working safe travel altar that is kept as a sacred place for as long as the client deems necessary.

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